3 Ways to Avoid Burnout with BionicGym

Have you ever felt burned out from a workout program? Maybe it felt too challenging too quickly. Or maybe you just dreaded doing it each day. This is really common, especially if you are new to working out in general. So how do you avoid the dreaded burnout with BionicGym? Here are my favorite suggestions: 

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Keep It Interesting

One of the reasons that people are reluctant to give BionicGym a try is because they assume that it will be boring. They think that because it can be done sitting down that they will get mentally burned out quickly. 

Honestly, this is a very real and legitimate concern! I find myself getting bored very easily running on a treadmill, so it makes sense that you could see yourself getting mentally burned out if you aren’t being stimulated enough. However, it is just too difficult to ignore all the other benefits that BionicGym has to offer, mainly because it is so convenient. So if this seems like an ideal workout tool to you but you are worried that you will get bored easily, then try some of the following things. 


BionicGym has this great add-on option for high-intensity interval training. So instead of slowly increasing the intensity of the workout until you hit the right heart rate, the intensity goes up and down. This keeps things slightly more interesting when you are working out. 

It’s easier to have the motivation to keep going when you are working with intervals because the intensity is shorter and you know you just have to get over that hump until you get a small rest. You start looking forward to the rest times. 

Another great benefit to the HIIT add-on is that you burn fat faster with this mode. When you do interval training, it makes your heart rate go much faster during the high intervals. During the rest times, you are still burning fat because of the afterburn. 


If the HIIT isn’t really your style, you can always keep BionicGym interesting by sprinkling some add-ins into your workout. While you can lose weight very successfully with BionicGym by itself, there are some great benefits to adding strength training to your workout regimen.

Strength Training

You don’t have to do much to see a huge difference in your body if you use strength training in conjunction with BionicGym. You can use BionicGym to burn fat and give you a cardio workout every day of the week if that’s what you want. But a couple of days a week, you could add some weights into your routine. Start off small with some light weights and a high rep count to get some toned arms and legs. If you are looking for bulk, you can use some heavier weights with fewer reps, but just remember to work up slowly. Otherwise, you might injure yourself. 

Weight training will boost your muscle production and the combination of your muscle strengthening with weight loss will give you amazing results quickly. It will also change up your routine enough that you won’t get burned out from boredom.

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Have A Goal

There is nothing that causes burnout more quickly than not having a direction or a goal. If you don’t know what you are working for, you might feel aimless, and working hard will feel a lot more challenging if you don’t know what you’re working for. 

What Motivates You?

If you are wondering what kind of goals you should have for your BionicGym journey, then think about your motivation for working out. Are you doing it for your health? For a great-looking body? Or are you just trying to set a good example for your children? Whatever the reason, think about it and write it down before you figure out your workout plan. 

My Motivation

My primary reason for working out used to be just to look good. I wanted a rocking body and honestly, that wasn’t motivation enough for me to stick with a plan and work through the burnout. I found that the biggest motivation was to work against some of the genetics that is in my family. There is diabetes and some other things in my family that could catch up to me as I get older and I know that the best way to prevent these things is to have a healthy body and lifestyle. Once I changed my motivation to overall health, I was able to work through the days when I just didn’t want to put the work in. 

So figure out what your motivation is and what you need to visualize your motivation. This could be a before photo of yourself at your heaviest weight. Or it could be a picture of your kids seeing your example of staying healthy. For me, it is visualizing my family member who I love that suffers from genetic afflictions. I know that that is not what I want for myself and I am willing to work hard to avoid that. Having a real motivation like that keeps me excited to work out even when I start to feel burned out. 


I’ve talked about this a few times on this site, but the idea of rewards is very important to me. I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t believe that you should always be rewarding yourself for things that are already positive. They believe that you should work out just for the health benefits of working out. That working for a reward is only effective as long as the rewards keep coming. However, I disagree. 

We are wired as people to chase the rush of a reward. Sometimes the anticipation of a reward is even better than the reward itself. But if you are giving yourself good, healthy rewards, then they are an excellent motivator to keep working. If your rewards are a binge day, then that is not a good example of a good reward. If your reward is a day where you can take yourself skiing, that might be a better reward. 

Just remember to set healthy boundaries for yourself. If you’re trying to stay away from sweets but are highly motivated by food, then why not give yourself a reward of a fancy healthy treat to try out? Or a great new cookbook? Or a meal prep subscription that will help you make healthy food. 

Of course, it can be unhealthy to spend money where you don’t have it, as well. If spending is a trouble spot for you, then consider giving yourself a reward of taking yourself on a walk. Give yourself some time. Or if you work out you can give yourself some peaceful meditation. Find something that you enjoy that is also good for your lifestyle. These rewards will stave off burnout indefinitely if you find the right motivators. 

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Prevent Injury

Of course, burnout can be more than just mental. You can have physical burnout too. And it can be just as detrimental to you reaching your goals. Here are some ways to prevent physical burnout.

Increase Slowly

Whenever I try out a new workout program, I’m tempted to go as hard as I possibly can. In the beginning, you’re full of energy and excitement. But it can be really dangerous to approach workout programs like this. 

The reason why is that when your body hasn’t done a certain program before, it is starting raw and fresh and it actually can take a little while before you feel the effects of the workout on your body. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). You can feel the effects of a workout for days after and it’s not a good thing. It means that you worked your muscles too hard and too fast. Of course, you can recover from this and it won’t kill you, but it doesn’t feel great in the process. 

The best way to avoid this is to go easy on the first few days. You should go a bit easier than you even think you should and work up slowly. It’s great to feel motivated and excited, but make sure you don’t go too fast, or else you won’t have the strength to continue your exercise in the days to come. 

Listen To Your Body

Ultimately, you just need to listen to your body and your mind. If the work feels like too much, then slow down. If you feel you can go harder, then do it with caution. Don’t work out harder than you need to and don’t work through extreme pain. 

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Burnout is very real in the exercise world. It can be very hard to start a new, healthy exercise routine because you can quickly lose your motivation and your strength if you don’t prepare yourself adequately. If you want to avoid burnout with BionicGym, then follow my simple suggestions above! Just make sure that it is always fun and exciting. Sometimes working out feels like a pain, but if you have some aspect to look forward to, then it will not feel like such an inconvenience.