5 Common Questions About BionicGym

I get a lot of questions on the daily about BionicGym, and it’s easy to see why! This weight-loss tool is really a unique way of losing weight and people are going to have a lot of questions about it. For some people, it seems unbelievable that something so convenient like this could ever work. Isn’t exercise supposed to hurt and be horrible and inconvenient? Well, that is all about to change! Here are some common questions about BionicGym and the answers!

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Does It Feel Like Shivering?

If you’re new to my site, welcome! But if you’ve been here a while then you know the basic concept behind BionicGym. It was created by Dr. Lewis Crowe several years ago. He knew from his training that the body, when cold, will shiver which triggers your heart rate to increase. This, in turn, warms you up, but it also burns calories. So with this idea, Dr. Crowe decided to come up with a product that will artificially cause your body to shiver. 

So although it is triggering your body to use the muscles that might fire when you shiver, it actually doesn’t feel like shivering at all. Instead, it is more like you have an electrical pulse reaching your muscles that cause all the muscles that you would use when running to the fire. Your muscles will feel tense and they will contract, but it is not really like shivering. 

And most importantly, you will not be cold while you are doing this! BionicGym does not make your legs cold and there is no risk of hypothermia. When people hear that it mimics “shivering” sometimes that makes them nervous. However, it’s just like a TENS unit placed on your legs. These units have been used for physical therapy for years and are completely safe. 

Why The Legs?

There are some other products that you may have seen before that you can attach to your abs and are supposed to enhance your workout. These are typically called EMS workouts or electro muscle stimulation. These are typically used when you are doing other movements as well and can cut your workout time down by half while still giving you great results. 

BionicGym is a bit different because it is only on the legs and you really shouldn’t do other workouts at the same time that you are using BionicGym. 

Many people wonder why the legs are used instead of the abs. A lot of people would rather have a toned stomach than thighs. However, where the electrodes are placed doesn’t affect where the fat is pulled from. Your body will pull energy from fat stores in your body to fuel your workout. This causes you to lose weight. 

The reason why BionicGym uses the thighs is that they are one of the biggest muscle groups in the whole body, thus it maximizes your potential for weight loss. 

Why BionicGym Instead of Running?

Some people wonder why you would use BionicGym instead of running and there are actually a lot of reasons why many people prefer it, but I’ll narrow it down to just a couple of reasons. 


There are a lot of people who experience a severe amount of pain when they work out. As you get older, your body doesn’t accept exercise as willingly as it did when you were younger. And there are lot of people who have chronic pain that will not go away for the rest of their lives. These people still want to be healthy. They still want to look their best and they still want to have a healthy heart. 

BionicGym is a perfect option for people who experience an extreme amount of pain, especially in their back or their joints. People who have sustained injuries can be healthy. This really is an amazing product that helps many people who haven’t had exercise options available to them. 


Running might seem automatic, but it actually does take a little bit of thought to run in the correct way. You have to think about your gait, your pace, your form. These are all things that might not be a big deal to someone who knows how to run, but for the novice, it might be tricky to get into.

One of the nice things about BionicGym is that if you have the gel pads placed correctly, you know you are doing the exercise correctly. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to constantly tell yourself to keep going because you physically have to turn BionicGym off to stop. It’s much easier to keep yourself motivated to get through a workout when you aren’t constantly faced with the option to stop. 

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Do You Have to Build Up?

Many people wonder if you have to build up to a standard workout. Does it take a while to get used to? 

The answer is yes. Your body has never done a workout quite like this and it does take a while to get used to. First of all, it takes a little trial and error to figure out the best placement for your gel pads. Every person is different, so even if you are following the directions to a T, you still might need to adjust. 

Also, have you ever had an electric toothbrush? The first time you used it, it probably tickled a lot and the vibrations might have been hard to handle. However, after about a week, you likely hardly even noticed. 

BionicGym is similar in this way. It takes about 2 weeks to adjust to a level that you are comfortable with. You want to get to a level where you can feel your legs working, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable. You might find that the first time you use it, you’ll be on a low level for a short amount of time. Just follow your perceived rate of exertion and go at your own pace. Remember, you are working out at home, and no one is judging you! 

Can You Do It While You Work?

You’ve likely heard that you can “run a marathon from your couch.” This is one of the commonly advertised things that you can do with Bionic Gym. But can you do other activities around the house? Can you work from home while using BionicGym?
The answer is yes, with some adjustments. 

Standing Vs. Sitting

A lot of BionicGym users will prefer to stand when they are using BionicGym. They find that it is most comfortable and feels the most natural to be working out this way. It’s also much cleaner because laying on your couch can get your couch sweaty and gross after a while. 

However, you don’t have to stand to get a great workout. I sit often when I am doing BionicGym and I find that I can do work while I am doing it. However, if I am doing a task that requires me to type a lot, it can get a bit annoying, since your body does shake at higher levels of intensity. 

Avoid The Shake

If you want to avoid the shake in your legs while you are sitting, then I do have one trick up my sleeve. I personally use ankle weights. This just gives my legs a little more resistance and reduces (though doesn’t eliminate) the shake. 

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So what are your questions about BionicGym? Are you looking forward to trying it yourself? It’s hard to take the plunge of purchasing it when you aren’t sure if you’ll like it. But if you are the type of person who likes to work out from home, has a busy schedule, has pain while working out, or is just looking for something a little more convenient that you can do regularly, then there’s no way you wouldn’t like this product. So give it a try!