5 Things That Changed For Me After BionicGym

When people look into a weight loss program, they typically want to see some before and after photos. They are interested in just how much weight someone was able to lose with this program. They look for hope in other people’s success. And while the before and after pictures can be quite telling and inspiring, they aren’t the only things that change when you experience a drastic weight loss change. Here are things that changed for me after BionicGym. 

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More Confidence

One of the biggest things that changed for me after BionicGym was my level of confidence. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that you feel more confident when you know that you are looking your best. It used to be that I would spend long amounts of time on my appearance and still feel a bit awkward when I went out in public. I constantly felt like I had to adjust my pants, my top, and my hair. Nothing seemed to fit well, even when I was wearing clothes that weren’t too snug. I felt like I always had a muffin top. 

Once I started losing more weight, I found that clothes just fit better. They didn’t slide around as much when I didn’t have lumps in odd places. My pants weren’t always falling down. And my shirts weren’t always riding up. Things just felt right. I could move easily. I could run and not feel like every square inch of me was bouncing up and down. I could actually tuck in my shirts and wear them confidently. Everything felt right and my body felt like it was at the weight it’s always wanted to be.

Less Inhibited

When you are always worried about fat hanging out of your clothes or jiggling, it is hard to move like you want to. I kid you not, I felt insecure waving to my friends because I was worried about the jiggly underarms. Once I started using BionicGym and the fat started to melt away and my skin started to tighten up, I didn’t even think about these movements anymore. I could wave, I could jog to the end of the lane to get the mail without worrying about the jiggle. I could even bend over without worrying about plumber crack. I just felt more free and confident to move the way that I want to move. 

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Better Mood

When you have confidence, of course, you’re going to be in a better mood. But more than that, exercising frequently naturally makes you in a better mood in a few different ways. 


According to Healthline, endorphins “are the body’s natural pain relievers, and they can boost your mood, too. These chemicals are naturally produced by the body during pleasurable activities (e.g., exercise, sex, and laughing), as well as painful experiences, such as twisting your ankle.”

Endorphins are very important and give almost the same effect as morphine. This is one reason why runners claim to feel a “runner’s high”. It may also be a reason why giving birth can feel so euphoric as well. 

If you exercise regularly, then you are regularly boosting your mood naturally. You are essentially giving yourself a boost of happiness each time you work out. 

Self Care

An exercise is a form of self-care. Many people say that self-care is more about getting pedicures and going on shopping sprees, but in my mind, self-care is a healthy activity that gives you progress. Self-care to me can be prepping a healthy meal or doing the dishes. It is taking the present you and loving the future you enough to work now to feel better later. You might not love exercising, but you know that in the future you will appreciate that you did it.

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Better Diet

According to a study recorded in the National Library of Medicine, people who have a healthy lifestyle display less interest in high fat and high sugar diets. This might not come as a huge surprise, but it actually is an interesting bit of information. Most people assume that people who work out are conjunctively trying to eat healthier. However, other studies suggest that one follows the other. 

Another study found that people who exercised without plans to eat healthier, exercisers started eating more nutritious foods, like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and nuts, and fewer fried foods, soda, and snack foods. The more — and more vigorously — a person exercised, the more their diet tended to improve, the researchers found.”

Personal Experience

Hearing that people eat better who exercise are all well and good, but does it actually happen? Well, the answer is yes and no. When I started exercising with BionicGym, I didn’t naturally just stop wanting high-fat food in general, but my cravings were naturally diminished. I didn’t seem to have the same frantic cravings that seemed to be all-encompassing. I didn’t feverishly search for chocolate around 2 pm like I used to do. However, I did still reach for foods that were readily available. 

Meal Prep

This is where meal prepping comes in. I found myself not really craving things like cookies anymore, but if they were there, readily available, you’d better bet that I’d be eating them when I got hungry. 

So I had to make a conscious decision to prepare food and buy food that was healthy for me and consciously avoid buying the food that wasn’t. Here are some of my favorite snacks that I tried to always have on hand: 

  • Chips and salsa
  • Yogurt
  • Trail mix
  • Peanut butter and any dippers
  • Cheese and fruit
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Nutrition shakes
  • Granola

Most of these items don’t even take a lot of prep, but I had to train my body to remember the healthy snacks that I had on hand instead of the treats. 

One of the more difficult things to remember is what food is in the fridge. So I put the easy healthy snacks like yogurt or cut vegetables up at the front so I would see them immediately when I opened it looking for something. This made it a bit easier to avoid things like ice cream.  

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Better Focus

Another benefit that I found that I had from working out was that I had better focus during the day. 

Morning Workouts

You know that groggy feeling that you have when you roll out of bed? How it can just follow you around until you have something that wakes you up? For some people that wake up is a shower. For others, they wake up with their morning coffee. And then other people just slowly get out of their groggy feeling like they would dip slowly into a cold pool. 

However, I find that the best way for me to wake up is with my morning exercise with BionicGym. When my blood starts pumping faster and I start breathing heavier, it feels like oxygen is coursing throughout the rest of my body, which it is. This wakes me up and keeps me alert throughout the rest of the day. It gets me off on the right foot. 

Working out in the evening doesn’t have quite the same effect for giving me better focus, so it is one of those things that is more effective when done in the morning. 

Better Skin

When I work out with BionicGym, I tend to get more thirsty during the day, which makes me drink more water. When I drink more water, my skin gets more clear and overall I feel better about my complexion and appearance. 

I also stay away from foods that worsen my complexions like butter, chocolate, and other greasy or fatty foods. 

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Overall, working out consistently will make anyone feel good about themselves physically and mentally. There are numerous ways that BionicGym can improve your life, but the ways that were most evident to me were my confidence level, my mood, diet, and skin. These were easy for me to see improvement over a short amount of time and also they were things that I struggled with the most before working out. These 5 things that changed for me after BionicGym improved my life enough for me to keep up the good work when it started to get challenging. I know that if you start a workout program consistently, you will see improvement in different areas of your life as well.