BionicGym 1 Year Review

Have you ever bought a gym membership, used it regularly for a few weeks, maybe even a month, and then just stopped? I’m ashamed to say that this has been me more than once. Going to the gym is a bit of a pain, and sometimes it just doesn’t work well within my schedule. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. There’s a reason that gym memberships are typically by the year and not month to month. But, a year after using BionicGym, I have all the details laid out before you. The following outlines the good, the great, and some areas for improvement. Mostly, it’s just my 100% honest thoughts about this product that I’ve been using regularly for the last year. So read on to find out all about my BionicGym 1 year review! 

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Why I Hate The Gym

I found before when I had gym memberships that it was a much bigger time investment with less payout to go to the gym each day, and this is why:

  1. Going to the gym requires a bit of a drive. Even if the gym is just a 10-minute drive from your house that’s still 20 minutes of driving alone. 
  2. When you get to the gym, it’s almost guaranteed that the equipment you want to use is already being used by someone else. 
  3. You wander around afraid to do the weights because you’re not sure if you’re doing it right and don’t want to look like a weirdo. 
  4. Then you finally decide to run, since that’s hard to mess up and you’re wiped after 15 minutes. 
  5. You leave the gym without much of a workout and a big-time commitment. 

Finding a workout video that you can do from home can be equally challenging and it can get boring after a while. 

Why BionicGym Worked for Me

First of all, I work from home, so that makes BionicGym extra convenient. But it can work for anyone else too! All you need is a little bit of downtime, which we all have. 

I especially responded well to BionicGym because I have a job where I need to sit at a desk for long periods of time. This is like a majority of people out there, but I found that all my hours of high energy were spent at my job. So when I came home at night, I was too exhausted to even want to think about going to the gym. And waking up early to go worked for a week or two at a time until I was just too exhausted to do it anymore. 

Can Workout When I Have Energy

BionicGym allows me to work out in my peak energy hours, which happen to be the hours where I’m doing my professional work as well. This is a huge advantage in a couple of ways. 

  1. I almost never miss a day doing BionicGym because it works seamlessly into my work schedule. 
  2. I’m not so focused on physical exertion because I am focused on my professional work at the same time. It gets my blood pumping, which helps me focus on my job even better and keeps me alert. 

And let’s be honest, one of the huge reasons why I don’t like to go to the gym to work out is because it feels like a fashion show sometimes. People are there in their cute little matching outfits and I just want to get a good sweat on! I don’t want to worry about looking my best to go to the gym, but invariably I end up feeling bad about myself and guilty about my body before I even start working out. 

With BionicGym, I can work up a sweat without getting embarrassed that I do sweat like a normal human. I can work out in my underwear if I want to and there is no one to criticize me. And there are no excuses for skipping a workout because all my leggings are dirty. 

How I Feel During

You might think that BionicGym is a product that will only work for you if you aren’t used to any kind of physical exertion, however it can give you a solid workout no matter what your physical level is. 

Some people assume that this is a painless procedure, but you definitely feel the effects of the workout. You can just do it sitting down. 

  • Your heart rate will rise.
  • You will sweat. 
  • Your muscles will get tense. 
  • Your breathing will become more rapid.

All the effects of a typical workout will be there, you’ll just be doing it from the comfort of your own chair. So don’t feel like this is a program for wimps. I can feel the after-effects even from using the low setting. 

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How I Feel After

Afterward, I feel the same as I would after an intense workout. I have the sweat stains to prove it. You may wonder if you get breathless or if your cardio is worked like it would if you were to go out for a run. I can assure you, there is more working than just your thigh muscles. It is a full-body workout and you will get the benefits of a full-body workout. 

How Many Calories Burned

You can literally burn as many calories as you can handle with this thing. There are some people who I’ve seen online that burn around 1000 calories a day using BionicGym. So it really is a great way to lose weight, especially if you want to lose the weight without putting unnecessary strain on your joints or your back. I find that about an hour of working out is about what I like to do each time I use it. 

You can control the intensity and you can track your heart rate and calories burned with your heart rate monitor, so you will always know where you’re at. 

The great thing about this is that you can distract yourself easily while you are doing this workout and the time will go by quickly. 

Muscle Tone

Some people wonder if you get the same kind of muscle tone with BionicGym that you would if you went and lifted weights. While your muscles do get quite a bit stronger with the constant shivering that goes on using BionicGym, it might be different seeing results that you would from weight lifting. 

The muscle tone that you get through this program is more similar to doing lots of reps with a small weight, which provides a leaner muscle. If you want to bulk up and build some huge muscles, you might want to consider lifting weights in conjunction (but not at the same time!) with this workout program.



A common question that people have about BionicGym is it something that you can just use right out of the box or do you need a lot of other equipment to start working? 

Heart Rate Monitor

The first thing I would suggest when using BionicGym is to get some sort of heart rate monitor. Whether this is a fitness tracker on your wrist or chest, it doesn’t matter too much.  The more accurate the better. You want to get one that you can keep your eye on all the time while you are working out. 

This is not included in the BionicGym package, but it really is a necessary part of having a great workout that you can track. You will be able to track your calories and keep an eye on your heart rate. It’s important to start at a lower heart rate if you aren’t used to working out regularly. That will keep you safe. 

Gel Pads

BionicGym needs to have constant contact with your skin for the pulses to be effective. So while it may look like you’re just strapping something to your leg, you are actually using gel pads to adhere to your skin. They are all medical grade and will not cause any skin irritation. The one drawback is that you will need to replace them about every 30-40 uses. You can buy them on Amazon in bulk and just keep them on hand for when you need them. 

Ankle Weights

Another additional product I suggest getting to help with your workout is some ankle weights. Not everyone will mention how helpful they are, but they make the experience much more comfortable if you are using BionicGym while sitting down. 

The ankle weights will serve as an anchor of sorts and keep your legs from flailing around while you’re working. If you are standing or laying down while you work out, this might not be necessary. They are certainly nice for when you are sitting upright. 

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Overall, a year later, I am still using BionicGym and still happy with my results. I get more consistent workouts than I ever have in my whole life. Instead of my weight being a constant roller coaster, I’m staying at a consistent weight and I don’t have to have 5 different sizes in my closet all at one time anymore. I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin and I look forward to doing this each day.