BionicGym for Women

Men’s and women’s bodies are generally different. There are a variety of ways that they are different, but mostly they seem to build muscle differently. While women tend to have strong legs, it can be difficult to get muscular arms. Whereas men’s bodies can usually bulk up pretty easily. And when it comes to weight loss and muscle gains, often women are looking for different things than men. So how does BionicGym work for women? After all, it was created by a man, so is it primarily for men? Find out all about this and more below!

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How Does Weight Loss Work?

If you’ve had the chance to peruse my post “BionicGym Results” then you might be familiar with how you lose weight. But I’ll give you the brief version here. 

When you burn fat, where does it go? Have you ever wondered where it goes when it is “burned”? Well, just like when you burn gas to run a car, the gas doesn’t really disappear, it turns into a different version of a chemical compound. Most of it blows out your exhaust pipe and into the atmosphere. And this is actually very similar to how your fat is burned off! 

The bi-products of metabolism are water and carbon dioxide. You get rid of the water in your body through sweat, urine, and a minimal amount from your breath. You get rid of the carbon dioxide through your breath as well. 

So when your heart rate is elevated and you start to sweat and you start to breath heavier, lean into both those sometimes unpleasant side effects of exercise because that is where the fat is going! 

Does BionicGym Really Burn Fat?

Some people are skeptical of BionicGym because sitting down and working out at the same time seems like it’s too easy. While it might not be running a marathon, you can actually have the same kind of energy exertion as if you were! 

This isn’t some get skinny quick scheme. It’s not a diet pill that will make you lose a bunch of water weight and then you immediately gain it all back. And the reason behind this is because you are actually exercising while sitting down. 

Your heart rate does elevate. You absolutely will sweat. You will breathe heavier. These are all the components you need to burn a significant amount of calories. Your muscles are doing work and they are stimulated. So it makes perfect sense that you are actually burning calories. 

Is It Easy?

So, is BionicGym easy? The answer is yes and no. Of course, the first thing people think of when they hear that they can sit down and burn calories is that it’s going to be easy. Maybe they can even take a nap while burning calories (this is sarcasm, not true!) 

Burning calories with BionicGym IS easy in that it is simple. You don’t have to have perfect form while lifting weights or be able to return a volleyed tennis ball. You don’t even have to put pants on! It takes zero hand-eye coordination and virtually no skill whatsoever. So in that way, BionicGym is very easy! 

However, it is not easy in that you won’t feel like you’re getting a workout. It is an odd concept to get used to, but you really will feel the effects of working out without having to move a muscle. This is why many people say that BionicGym works you out! 

It is going to be tough and it is going to be challenging. You won’t be able to do the most intense option right off the bat. But it is simple and anyone can do it. 

Why Women Love It

I fully realize that there are women who fill many different roles in society, but there are some reasons why certain groups of women would appreciate BionicGym maybe more than other groups of society. 

More Women Stay At Home

According to Gallup, 50% of women who have children under the age of 18 stays at home. While 75% of men prefer to work. This is actually a record-breaking number for women as more women seek out job opportunities outside the home. However, there are still many women who do stay home with their kids.

BionicGym is perfect for stay-at-home moms. You might not have the ability to go to the gym while your little one naps, but you certainly can sit on the couch and do a workout. It is much easier and convenient to work out at home when you have to find a babysitter or a gym with a nursery every time you go. 

Who Works Out More?

It seems as though there are studies that point to the fact that men work out more than women and that women work out more than men. There is no real consensus, but it is difficult to get concrete answers on something that can vary so much. According to WebMD, Men work out more than women. According to a study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, women work out more than men. 

One thing that generally is true is that author Lori Incledon says about differences between men and women working out, “For women, fitness is a superficial issue. They do it because it will help them look better.”

Men like to look like they’ve been working out, says Peeke, “the sweatier the better. When was the last time you heard a woman say she wanted to sweat?”

Often, she says, “women think everyone else is looking at them so they’re afraid to put on workout clothes or get out there in public with their cellulite jiggling. Do men care what they look like when they’re working out? Of course not!”

So one thing that BionicGym offers to women, whether they are more likely to work out than men or not, is that they can do it from the comfort of their own home where they don’t feel self-conscious about their bodies. While I’m sure both men and women feel self-conscious frequently, it does seem to be more of an issue with women. I personally used to belong to a gym that had a separate treadmill area for women just so that they would feel more comfortable. 

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Why Do Women Workout?

And here’s the best part of BionicGym for women. Most women, according to the study from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health “reported exercising for weight-related and toning reasons.” While the same study found that the primary motivator for men was enjoyment. This is important when it comes to success with BionicGym for a couple of reasons: 

BionicGym Primarily Burns Calories

So you’re a woman trying to lose weight, but not necessarily interested in gaining bulk? Well, BionicGym is perfect for you. If you lift weights, you might find some success in losing weight, but in all honesty, you likely won’t see much of a difference as far as the scale reads because while you are losing weight in fat, you are gaining fat in muscle. 

For most people, this isn’t an issue! Bring on the muscle gains! But for women who are primarily driven by weight loss, as the study above suggests, not seeing “success” on the scale can really bring you down. Sure, you could be losing inches, but those are harder to track than having a weekly weigh-in–especially when women are wearing more and more leggings and stretchy pants that are difficult to tell if they are fitting more loosely or not. 

BionicGym will burn calories all day and you won’t see a whole lot of bulk put on by it, except for possibly your thigh muscles. 

It’s Not Very Stimulating

Okay, let’s be honest for a second here. BionicGym isn’t super exciting as far as the activity goes. In fact, it is so non-stimulating that you can work or watch tv while you do it. This is both a blessing and a curse. This is amazing for people who want to multitask and don’t typically have time in their day for exercise. 

However, if you are like one of the many men in the study above who primarily works out for enjoyment’s sake, then you are out of luck in this department. It can be fun to track your progress on an app. It can also be nice to get your body into shape a little better before hitting the basketball court for regular exercise, but it isn’t going to be a very stimulating activity. 

As stated in the study, women don’t necessarily care how boring an activity is as long as she sees weight-related results. 

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Does BionicGym Give Women Muscle?

As mentioned briefly above, BionicGym doesn’t really give you the bulk in muscles that you might look for if weight lifting is your jam. Instead, it burns fat like crazy and is a great cardio workout. 

However, if you, like many women don’t care about bulk, but would rather be toned, then this is the exercise program for you. Bionic Gym burns the fat that goes throughout your entire body. Just because your thighs are the only muscles stimulated, doesn’t mean that they are the only part of your body experiencing weight loss. When your body is in a deficit, it pulls energy from the fat stores in all different parts of your body. This means that the fat that surrounds your heart will be pulled just as the fat that surrounds your arms and stomach will be pulled. 

When these fat stores are depleted, it reveals the toned muscles underneath and you are left with a rocking body. 

So no, BionicGym doesn’t really give you a lot of muscle, but it reveals the beautiful muscles that are already there hidden under years of bad eating and sedentary lifestyle. 

Long Term Effects with BionicGym For Women

As long as you have your body in a deficit of calories, you will lose weight–which is the goal of most women who are looking to add exercise into their lives. So even if you use BionicGym religiously, there is still the possibility that you can plateau or not lose any weight at all. This is because weight loss doesn’t always happen in the gym (regular or bionic) it also happens in the kitchen. If you are eating a lot of calories, then BionicGym will just reduce the calories that stay on your body, but you won’t be losing unless you are in a deficit. 

If you want to have lasting, long-term effects, then one of the most helpful tools is a nutrition tracker. There are many apps available for free where you can track your calorie intake and exertion. Keeping an eye on your calorie intake and outtake will help you make better choices throughout the day. 

If you continue to eat the correct amount of calories for your body type and you frequently use BionicGym, there is no reason to believe that you won’t get to your goal weight. The trick is to get motivated enough to stay strong in your weak moments. But the more you make healthy choices, the easier it will be over time! 

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Men and Women alike enjoy the effects of BionicGym. It is not a product created with one gender in mind. However, men and women typically work out differently and have different goals. And if I had to pick which gender would benefit from and appreciate BionicGym the most, I would say hands down, women. It is so convenient that you can do it while multitasking, which most women are known to excel at. This weight-loss tool offers you the freedom to work out whenever you want wherever you want and to do it in the privacy of your own home or office as well. It is effortless to track your weight loss goals, which will keep you motivated for the long term.