BionicGym Vs. Running

Have you ever heard anyone compare BioinicGym to running? It is very similar in the way that it works your muscles and your cardiovascular system. It doesn’t build bulky muscles like weight training would, but rather gives you long, lean muscles from work and from losing fat around your body. So why would you choose one over the other? Which one wins in BionicGym vs. running? Read on to find out why BionicGym is my preferred method of cardio exercise. 

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Better For Your Joints


If you run does that mean your knees are going to wear out? Not necessarily. It may surprise you, but running correctly doesn’t actually hurt your knees, and it can actually stimulate cartilage growth. However, according to Harvard Healthline, “Running itself is not bad for your knees. However, other factors, such as running with bad form and running too much, can cause knee pain or injury.” 

This means that if you run correctly, you are able to stay perfectly healthy and safe throughout your exercise. However, you can damage your knees by running too often, too far, or having bad form. 

Just driving down the road, I pass joggers every day who have terrible form. And I’m guilty myself of running way too far and feeling it for days afterward. So, though running won’t absolutely ruin your knees, it is really easy for someone who hasn’t had training with track and field or from a personal trainer to ruin their knees. 

With BionicGym, this obviously isn’t a problem. You’re working all the same muscles but you don’t have the risk of doing it the wrong way. If you overuse your muscles, it isn’t the same as overusing your joints and doesn’t have the same repercussions. 


According to Sports Health, running in bad form can also contribute to stress and injury in your back. So it is very important to run with good form. 

How to Run With Good Form

If you are a purist, and want to stick with running, but worry about your form, there are a few pretty easy ways to fix it. First of all, if you have a bit of money to spend on it, you can go to a running store and have a professional watch your run. They will be able to give you some pointers to make you run better, faster, and safer. They will likely tell you what shoes are ideal for your gait as well, which can make a big difference if you really want to get into running. 

If you don’t have money to invest in it, no worries! You can have a friend record you running and view it yourself. Many people don’t even know what they look like when they are running because unless you do it on the treadmill, you likely aren’t running around mirrors. But running safely and efficiently doesn’t always look like the running that you see in movies with arms pumping and leaping up and down. Here is how to run with good form: 

  1. Keep your shoulders down and back. It can be easy to hunch your shoulders and tense up when you are performing the exercise. Any time you are doing something physically demanding, your body naturally starts to tense and pull together. However, doing this is bad for your muscles, your posture, and your breathing. So think about your posture when you are running. Keep your neck long and your shoulders away from your ears!
  2. Swing your arms straight. Some people tend to run with their arms flapping all over the place. And even in some movies, you’ll see some stars running in slow motion with their arms cutting all the way across their body and back. However, the most efficient way to run is to keep your elbows bent comfortably, your hands relaxed and closed with your thumbs resting on top. You should have a straight line from your elbow all the way to your knuckles. While running, keep these arms in a straight line. This will keep you from overworking your arms and will allow you to focus your energy on your legs. 
  3. Tighten your core. Your core really is the powerhouse of your body and it keeps your back safe. So it is important to make sure that you use it to ensure you are running in proper form. You don’t have to flex to the point of soreness, but keep your core muscles engaged while your run, and it will help to absorb some of the pressure as your foot hits the ground. 
  4. Slightly bend your knees. Have you ever been running and actually kicked your own bottom with your foot? One common mistake that runners make is that they bend their knees way too much while running. While it might make you feel like you are leaping rather than running and that could feel euphoric, it really is an inefficient use of your energy. Try to lengthen your stride instead and just watch your times improve!
  5. Keep feet under knees. So some people bounce as I mentioned in the point above and other people take too long of strides. The trick is to find the sweet spot. You want your foot to be under your knee when your foot strikes the ground. If it is way out in front or behind then it can cause injury or undue stress on your joints. So finding the perfect cadence can be a bit tricky, but this is where recording yourself to watch later might really help you. 

Does all of this sound like a lot of work? Well, then get a similar workout without having to worry about the form with BionicGym. 

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Do It Anytime

One of the great benefits of BionicGym is that it is so convenient. I’ve said it once and I will say it a million times; BionicGym reduces the reasons that you might have not to work out. It gets rid of all the excuses. 

One of the tricky things about running is that it isn’t always ideal to do it. Maybe it’s too dark or maybe it’s too cold, or rainy, or icy, or hot. The weather is a huge obstacle to work with when you are an avid runner who likes to go outdoors. 

Treadmill Running

Of course, you can always run on a treadmill, but that is pretty boring, let’s be honest. It’s really hard to get the perfect rhythm down when you are on a treadmill because when you run naturally, you don’t keep a perfect pace all the time. You run with how you feel. 

When I go on a run, the hardest part is the first mile. Once I get past that, my heart rate seems to normalize and I get into a rhythm that I can work through. But that first mile is tough and my pace is not normal at all as my heart rate steadily increases. Doing this outside is fine, but if you have a treadmill, it can be difficult to keep up a normal pace and you don’t want to constantly have to adjust your pace up and down. Most of the time it just ends up being discouraging and you don’t get more than a mile done. 


If you work out with BionicGym, then you don’t have to worry about the weather and you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out the levels on the treadmill. It’s easy to set a workout on your phone with the BionicGym app and just let it work you out. 



If you’re a man, you might not need to worry about this one as much, but women have a rough go of it when they have to consider safety into their exercise routine. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city or in a remote area, the truth is that bad things can happen to you if you are vulnerable. And a woman who is tired from running and by herself can get hurt. I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. So unless you have mace, a dog, or a running partner, BionicGym is probably the safer answer. 

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Easier to Multitask

As mentioned before, you can run on a treadmill inside, and that can be similar to BionicGym. However, it is much easier to multitask at a higher level with BionicGym than with running, even on a treadmill. 

Not as Much Bouncing

When you run, every part of your body is in motion. Have you ever run on a treadmill that wants you to keep your hands locked on a bar to get an accurate heart rate? It is really uncomfortable! Your body just naturally wants to swing its arms when you run. And your body works much more efficiently when you do. It helps to keep your balance and is just all-around more comfortable. 

Typing would be nearly impossible with this kind of movement. So even if you have a treadmill desk for your office, you can’t count on getting a lot of work done unless your “work” is to listen to the material of some sort. 

BionicGym also does make your legs bounce, but this doesn’t really affect your typing ability unless you’re at the really high levels of working out. One thing that helps to reduce the bounce is to use ankle weights on your legs to weigh them down just a little bit. It doesn’t get rid of the bounce completely, but it helps!

More Focus

As mentioned earlier, running in good form takes a bit of focus. There are a lot of things to remember, especially if you are new to the world of running. You have to think about your gait, your posture, and the position of your arms. All of your form can go down the drain if you are too focused on something else. So working can be difficult while running. 

BionicGym works you out. You just have to make sure the gel pads are in the right spot, start your workout and then think about something else. You don’t have to worry about keeping the right pace or having perfect form. It just works without you doing anything. And you have the free brain space to focus on other things like your work. 

Long Runs

You may have run across the marketing campaign for BionicGym that says that you can run a marathon from your couch. This is something that the creator of BionicGym, Dr. Crowe actually did. He had BionicGym set up to the intensity level that would put his heart rate in the range of running and spent a few hours on the couch completing the same amount of work that you would for a marathon. 

It might sound easy to do a marathon sitting on the couch, but let me tell you, it is really difficult. Just because you’re in a comfortable space doesn’t mean that it will be an entirely comfortable experience. 

A long run like a marathon can put an incredible amount of stress on your body. Running, in general, can be the cause of knee and foot pain, but running for that amount of distance and time can really be detrimental, especially if you haven’t trained for it. However, if you have BionicGym, then you have the potential to put your body through the muscle stimulation, the cardio workout, and the calorie loss that a marathon gives you without killing your body at the same time. 

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Overall, running and BionicGym are both great options. You can do either one and improve your health dramatically. However, BionicGym is the clear choice in the more reliable, safe, efficient, and convenient workout. It’s amazing for people who are busy and need to get things done at the same time and for people who are beginners at working out. You can be sure that you are improving your health without risking injury when you use BioincGym.