BionicGym Weight Loss

Being concerned about your weight can feel like an all-encompassing endeavor. What you eat, what you put into your body, and how you work it off can be something that you think of all day long when you know that you’re not at your ideal weight. It can feel discouraging when you are on a constant roller coaster of fitness. So how can you stop the yo-yo effect and how can BionicGym weight loss happen for you? 

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Does BionicGym Really Make You Lose Weight?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: Does BionicGym really make you lose weight? The short answer is, yes, absolutely! And here’s how it works: 

Typical Weight Loss

Weight loss happens when your heart rate starts to speed up. Now, you don’t want to be putting a pacemaker into your body and artificially increasing your heart rate to lose weight. That would not be effective and you’d likely die or have some very serious side effects. 

BionicGym works by stimulating the muscles in your thighs to start to work. When your muscles are stimulated at increasing degrees over time, your heart rate has to increase to carry oxygen to the working muscles. This also makes your breath more rapid and it will cause you to sweat. 

This is how every type of exercise works. Your muscles work, which causes your heart and breath to compensate. Your body starts grabbing energy from your fat stores in your body and breaking them down, which makes you lose calories through your breath and your sweat. 

So that is a basic understanding of how weight loss works, and BionicGym certainly ticks all those boxes. So although you might wonder if BionicGym is too good to be true because you’ve never heard of an exercise program where you get to sit in a reclining position the entire time, it isn’t too good to be true. Your body does do work and it loses calories through this method. You just don’t have the strain on your joints and you don’t have to make the trek to the gym. 

A BionicGym Body

When you hear that the unit is strapped to your thighs and only your thighs, you might wonder what a BionicGym body will look like after frequent use of the unit. Will your thighs be humongous? And will you be scrawny everywhere else? 

A BionicGym body, after regular use, will look much leaner than it did before. You can expect to lose weight all over your body, not just your thighs. As mentioned above, when your heart rate speeds up and your breathing increases, your body pulls energy from fat stores all around your body. These fat stores are everywhere, not just around your thighs and your body will pull from them fairly evenly. 

Your thighs will not bulk up by much because you won’t be using weights. Your muscles will be constantly working but not the repetitive tearing that happens when you lift heavy weights. Instead, you will burn fat from all of the stores in your body and your muscles will reveal themselves as the fat melts away. You will have a lean body similar to someone who runs or cycles. 

It Also Happens in the Kitchen

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Have you worked out consistently for years and still don’t see results? Well, there could be a different culprit and that could be what you are eating. Even if you work out all day every day, it won’t make much of a difference if you are consuming more calories than you are losing. 

If you want to lose weight, you have to be at a calorie deficit for your activity level, height, and weight. There are many websites online that can tell you what your caloric intake should be each day if you want to lose weight at your current height. 


One of the best ways to make sure you are eating the correct amount is to use a fitness app. There are many free ones available that are very easy to track your exercise and your food intake. This way you can always stay on track. Sometimes your body can tell you that it’s hungry when it really is just stressed or bored. You can easily tell your body “no” if you are tracking your calorie intake and you know you shouldn’t be snacking anymore for the day. 

These apps are also helpful in just educating you on what calories are worth it. If you have a specific calorie goal and you stick to it, it won’t take you long to realize that some cheese slices and an apple will fill you up for much longer than a candy bar will. You will start to enjoy making healthy choices and your body will start to understand what choices will make you feel good. Being more aware of the daily choices you make is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. 

Meal Prep

If you still find that you are having a hard time controlling what you eat in a day, then meal prepping will be an invaluable tool for you. Making choices in the moment is really hard because when your body is hungry, you want immediate relief. The last thing you are going to want to do is to bake some chicken and wait 40 minutes for it to cook. 

Instead, make healthy choices well ahead of time. Chop all your veggies days ahead of time. Make a pan of lean enchiladas that you can heat up during the week. Having these healthy foods readily available will make it much more likely that you will eat healthy choices. 

What If You Hate Meal Prep?

There are some people who absolutely hate meal prepping because they don’t like to eat reheated food. I totally get this. I can be a food snob too and fresh food just does taste better, especially if you prep for a whole week and you are getting really tired of the same thing. 

One thing that I do to help me make healthier eating choices is to make a list of a bunch of food that I can make with the ingredients that I have. A corn dog takes about 20 minutes to bake in the oven. You can cook a potato in the microwave in 8 minutes and have some toppings on hand like bacon bits or a can of chili. It’s a much healthier and filling choice and you can have it done in less time. 

Having a list of all the convenient yet healthy food readily available will make it easier to do. 

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You Can Do More for BionicGym Weight Loss

Are you eating right and working out regularly and seeing results but you’re hungry for more? Once you start using BionicGym, you don’t necessarily need to do any other type of workout but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise more. 

BionicGym is an excellent way to get your cardiovascular workout in, though you can keep it in the fat-burning interval as well. Most exercise gurus say that you should do a cardio workout two to three times a week if you are working out five to six times a week. This is because a mix of cardio and strength will give you faster results and will help you avoid injury. 

BionicGym Cardio

According to Better Me, you can technically do a cardio workout every day but you have to be aware of the stress it is putting on your body. 

YOu might think that you can use BionicGym indefinitely because you will likely not experience an injury if you’re sitting on your couch while working out. However, when trainers and exercise professionals talk about cardio-related injury, they aren’t just talking about falling while cycling or pulling a muscle. YOu will likely rid yourselves of any chance of these kinds of injuries while using BionicGym, but what other kinds of injuries could you get? 

Cardio Fatigue

When I say cardio injury, I mean cardiac fatigue. This is the kind of fatigue that someone would feel at the end of an extremely intense workout like a marathon or something similar. So while you can use your BionicGym every day, I wouldn’t use it all day every day. You can really put stress on your heart because your heart is a muscle and when your heart rate increases in an exercise, it is good for the heart, but overexerting yourself can be detrimental. 

If you do want to “run a marathon from your couch” using BionicGym, absolutely do it! Just make sure that you train your body to be able to handle that kind of stress by working up to it just as you would train for an actual race. And of course, don’t do it every day. Give your body time to rest and reset between high-intensity workouts. 

If you want to do a cardio workout every day, then limit it to about 30 minutes each day. Otherwise, keep your heart in the fat-burning zone. 


Just because you do BionicGym regularly, doesn’t mean that you can’t mix things up with some weight and strength training. While BionicGym is an amazing and convenient tool to get your body working, rid your body of excess calories, and exercise your heart, it does have its limits. You will not build muscle like you would if you were to do some weight training. Even a little bit of light weights can help you build lean muscle if you use them correctly. 


If you want to add a little bit of bulk to your body, then by all means lift some heavier weights. Start small and work upward. Never lift weights that are too heavy for you to perform the move in the correct position. 


If you want some muscle growth, but not a lot of bulk, then the key is to get some light weights and repeat certain moves much more than you would to get some bulk. The best way to get lean arms is to keep your arms elevated with small weights (think 2 to 5 pounds). Moving these weights in different directions for long periods of time will give you a surprising burn and it’s very effective. 

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So is BionicGym weight loss possible? Absolutely! In fact, losing weight with BionicGym is even more convenient and possible than other standard workouts. It is easy to turn on an at-home workout video or go to a class at a gym and never get your heart rate up to where it needs to be. It is just too easy to go easy on yourself! Especially if you are new to exercise or you think that you hate it, you might be tempted to not push yourself. But with BionicGym, you can control the intensity and keep it there. You won’t gradually slide into complacency because your app is controlling how intense you are working out. You don’t have to rely on your tiredness level to determine how hard you work.

With the BionicGym fitness app, a fitness tracker, and a nutrition tracker, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t see results if you follow a plan and stick with it. Just don’t be tempted to reward yourself with junk food when you work out hard! Remember that weight loss happens just as much in the kitchen as it does with your exercise program.