Do You Have Time To Exercise?

When I ask people what are their main hurdles to getting their exercise in, the biggest one seems to be “TIME”. We all have 24 hours in a day and we all use that time in different ways. Some people feel bored and have lots of time on their hands and some people feel overwhelmed with all the things they need to do in that amount of time. But guess what, even the people who are bored, say that time is a hurdle for them. Isn’t that crazy? And this is because they might not be using their time efficiently or maybe that time is not exactly an issue but their habits are. So do you have time to exercise? Because I bet that you do if you can get some habits and routines under control. Read on to find out how you can find that extra time in your day. 

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Be Efficient with Screens

I know, I know. You hear it all the time. You spend too much time on your phone. Well, it’s true. It may not be fun to hear; you might feel guilty when people say it, but we could all do a little better when it comes to our screen time. 

I don’t know how it happened but the last time I updated my phone somehow I set it up so I got a screen time report every Sunday for the week. It tells me the daily average time that I spend on my phone and it tells me if that has increased or decreased since the last week. While I didn’t intend to set that up, it has really made me conscious of how much time I spend on my phone. And honestly, it’s made me stop saying that I don’t have time for certain things anymore. Because guess what? All that time on my phone, probably wasn’t super necessary. 

Know What You’re Spending Time On

So if you don’t have that little handy notification that pops up every Sunday morning, hop on over to your settings, scroll all the way to the bottom where it says “screen time”. Once you’re in there you can see what you are spending your time on. Then you can evaluate whether it was something that was worth your time or not. 

And I get it, a lot of our time is texting friends or family. And texting is so convenient! You have time to actually think of your response before you send it. It makes it easy to remember things because you can scroll back in conversations and see what you said. You can obsess endlessly about what your new love interest said to you the other day and what it means. BUT, texting takes a lot of time. If you are texting someone just for fun, consider trying to keep it brief or call if you can. This is pretty unpopular, but it is a huge time saver. Or hey, here’s a thought, text all your friends while you are doing BionicGym. That can keep your mind off the exercise. 

Set Limits

While you are in the screen time application, you can set limits on other apps on your phone. If you’re obsessed with Candy Crush and you literally cannot stop yourself from playing it for hours, then set a limit! Decide beforehand how much time you can spend on it and your phone will actually cut you off when you get to that time. It’s just a great way to remind yourself that you actually don’t value the time that you are spending on the app because you decided ahead of time that it was too much time. Honor yourself by taking your past self seriously. 

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Tie A New Habit to An Old One

So now that you know you have the time to exercise, the hard part can be actually doing it. It can be really tough to form a new habit or routine but I have a secret that will make you very successful if you do it right. 

Think of a habit that is so ingrained in you that you find it hard NOT to do it. An excellent example for most people is brushing their teeth. I will literally get out of bed in the middle of the night if I accidentally dozed off and brush my teeth. I cannot go to bed without brushing. And likewise in the morning, I cannot leave the house with unbrushed teeth. I would rather be late to an appointment than forget to brush. 

So with a habit that is that important, you can tie another habit. You cannot brush your teeth in the morning until you do a BionicGym workout. That might seem a bit gross, but this way you are rewarding yourself with a habit you love instead of rewarding yourself with a treat and you won’t forget to do it. 

Of course, you can tie it to any habit that is very important to you. You could tie it to a shower or getting dressed or anything really. The options are endless. Just make sure that it is something that you find important enough that you won’t skip. 

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Get the Right Amount Of Sleep

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? I would say that a majority of people do. I might even suggest that more people have a hard time waking up in this generation than any other. Why is this? Well, for a few reasons. 


I know, back to screens again. But it’s true, technology has made it very difficult to go to sleep at a regular hour. Think back to before electricity. People only had candles and burning them all night was wasteful. So people generally went to bed earlier. They probably had an easier time waking up in the morning too. 

Now that we have screens in our homes, even if you’re in a dark room, your brain is tricked by the blue light in the screen to think that it is daytime and it keeps you awake longer. This is why you feel the need to binge-watch several shows or work late into the night. Your body even probably thinks that it works better at night because this has been going on so long that you just assume you’re not a morning person. However, if you set limits on your screens and have a healthier bedtime routine then you can go to bed earlier and will feel refreshed and ready for the day earlier as well. 

Most people prefer working out in the morning before they shower and get ready for the day. Even people who find themselves working out at night usually would say that ideally, they would do it in the morning if they could just get up earlier. So it’s worth a try to go to sleep earlier and try having a healthier sleep routine. 

Brain Dump

Another reason people have a hard time falling asleep is that we wear so many different hats. You’re a mom, a student, an employee, a cook, a driver, etc. There are so many things that you do in a day and different tasks that you have to keep track of. 

The best way to get a good night’s sleep if you are stressed thinking about what you have to do in the morning is to do a brain dump. This means you write down every single task that you need to accomplish the next day before going to bed. This can be as menial as taking a shower or as important as writing down a doctor’s appointment. Be thorough and then once it’s written down on paper, your brain can relax and you can go to sleep. 

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Clean As You Go

A lot of people feel like they don’t have the time to work out because they walk into their homes and are immediately overwhelmed with what they need to do. And to remedy this, it really just comes down to cleaning and doing tasks as you go. What does this mean? 

Take Care Of Clutter Immediately

First of all, the best way to deal with clutter is to deal with it immediately. If you were working on a project and you have to stop for a while, but you know you will come back to it in a few hours, clean it up immediately. It takes very little time to put away a few items and odds are that you will get distracted and not be able to return to the task when you think you will. If you put your things away immediately, even when you think you’re coming back to them, you will never feel too overwhelmed by the mess. 

Keep an Empty Sink

Do you feel overwhelmed when you go into your kitchen? Well, this might be because you are leaving your dishes for too long. If you leave your dishes to pile up throughout the day and then only clean at night, then doing the dishes will always seem like a huge chore and you will always hate it. 

If, however, you start off the day with a clean dishwasher and load your dishes immediately in as you make dirty ones (especially when making meals) then cleaning up after dinner will be a breeze! 

Also, cleaning off dried-up food on a plate is so much more work than just cleaning it off immediately as it comes. So make a rule to clean out your dishwasher in the morning and to keep your sink clear during the day. 

Have a Spot for Everything

Another reason people feel overwhelmed in their spaces is that they have too many things. You do not have to have a huge house to be happy. You don’t have to have the perfect furniture to feel proud of your space. What you do have to have is a place for everything. And if you don’t have a place for all your items, then that is a reflection of you having too much stuff, not necessarily too small of a space. 

So think critically about what you have and what you can get rid of. Do your kids have a million toys? You don’t have to get rid of all of them. But you could consider doing a rotation where you keep half in storage and rotate every couple of months. This will keep their toys new and exciting and it will decrease how much they leave around. 

When your home is cleaned regularly, you don’t have to commit several hours of your time each day to clean. Then you have time to do things that you want to do, like work out with BionicGym!

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Yes, BionicGym is one of the most convenient ways to work out. It is at your home and you can do it while doing other sit-down tasks. It is by far the most convenient way to expel some of your calories for the day. However, people who do BionicGym still have the same issues that everyone else does. It can still be hard to find time to actually get it done. If you are one of these people, then think critically as you ask yourself the question do you have time to exercise? What is holding you back from exercising? Is it really that there are absolutely no minutes in your day that you could do it, or is it a lack of motivation because you are doing other useless tasks or feel overwhelmed? Once you narrow down what the real reason is that you feel like you don’t have the time, then you can remedy the situation by following some of the tips I outlined above!