Get Ready for Wedding Season with BionicGym!

It is early Summer and wedding season is upon us! Whether you are the bride-to-be, the groom, or a guest, you’ll be able to look your best with BionicGym and some extra little exercises here and there! It might seem impossible now, but even if you start now, you can see improvement in just a couple of weeks! So here is my guide to getting ready for wedding season with BionicGym!

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BionicGym 5-7 Days A Week

It wouldn’t be me to go a whole post without mentioning the benefits of BionicGym, so here it is! 

No Skill Needed!

BionicGym is the best way to get wedding-ready because it takes very little effort on your part. Some workouts are difficult to get through because you have to learn the moves for the first time or you aren’t quite sure if you are doing something wrong. It’s also tricky because you can injure yourself easily when you are doing unfamiliar exercises and moves. 

Many people who are feeling panicked that a wedding is getting nearer and nearer might try extreme diets and workout routines and this is when they can hurt themselves badly. No one wants to go to a wedding bandaged up because they tore their ACL. The whole reason for getting “wedding ready” is because you want to look your best in the pictures that will be on display for the rest of your life, so please don’t do anything drastic!

BionicGym requires absolutely no skill or prior knowledge of workout moves. You strap it on and it works you out while you can sit there or even lay down. Though you are putting work in and you’ll sweat up a storm, there is almost no way you could get injured in the process. 

Your Schedule

Some people find it hard to find time to work out because of various reasons. Their gym isn’t open late or they just don’t want to leave the house. They don’t have clean gym clothes to wear. These problems are all in the past because BionicGym can be done anywhere! Most people prefer to do it in the comfort of their own home, but if you want to sit on a park bench while you do it, hey, be my guest. 

You don’t have to worry about clean clothes or even any clothes at all. The BionicGym pads adhere right onto your skin, so you could essentially do it in your underwear. Though be considerate if you have roommates and find a private place!

If you just want to watch Netflix and chill, that’s even better! BionicGym requires no movement at all from you, so find a show you want to binge and sit while you sweat. 

Basically, any excuses you used to have for not working out are out the window. 

How Often? 

If you want to really boost your weight loss results I would suggest working out at least 5 days a week. Recovery is important too. Some people think that because you’ll be sitting or laying down the whole time, you aren’t really working hard. But let me tell you that you will be sweating so badly that you’ll have to lay a towel on the couch. Your muscles probably will be sore the next day and so if you haven’t been consistently exercising previous to this, you will probably want to have at least one day of recovery a week. 

However, if you are used to BionicGym or working out regularly in general, then you could actually get away with working out 7 days a week. Just make sure that you don’t push yourself to your limit every single day. Your body does need to take care of itself. 

Recovery Days

If you are someone who is going for 7 days a week, then your recovery days might look like 15 minutes of workout time versus 30-60 minutes. You can take this day to stretch and do something a little different. Going on a walk will work your muscles in a different way while you recover the larger muscles that you’ve been working all week. 

If you are going for 5 days a week, then your recovery days might look more like an absence of BionicGym and some deep stretches and breathwork. Rather than having these two days taken consecutively, I would suggest spreading them out a bit more so you don’t fall off the wagon and go back to potential bad habits. 

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Small Weights for Arms

Arms are tricky things. You look in the mirror and you think they look just fine, and then you wave to someone from across the room and everything jiggles and wobbles everywhere. And then you look at the pictures after the big day and wonder why you looked so good in the mirror. Well, there are a few things you can do to rectify this situation and to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. 

Tone Up

I have preached this before, but the absolute best way to get perfectly toned arms is by using small weights and doing several reps. Do you see ballerinas pumping iron at the gym? Nope! But do they have amazingly long, lean arms? Absolutely! And you can do this without starving yourself to death too. 

Ballerinas get those amazing toned arms by moving their arms constantly. If you take a 2-pound weight, or heck, just use the weight of your arm and hold it out to the side while making micro circles with your hands, you’ll feel it in less than a minute. There are so many arm exercises you can do, but the trick is to do quite a few of them with little weights. 

The beauty of this method of working your arms is that you can absolutely do it while you are doing your BionicGym workout. You can stand with your pads on your thighs and use a small weight to boost your workout. Though, I will say that using BionicGym is challenging enough most of the time. So make sure you are listening to your body and that you don’t work yourself too hard. If you need to do these exercises separately then that’s fine too! 


Another way to combat the big arms that you see in wedding pictures that you were unaware you had is to pose better in those pictures. A lot of people feel the need to make themselves as small as possible in pictures and so they pull themselves in tightly. However, that smashes your relaxed arm against your body and it can appear to be twice as big as it really is. You don’t have to do the sorority arm pose to look passable, but if you just remember to pull your arm out slightly when you are having your picture taken, you will like your results much better. 

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Calf Exercises

There is no better pairing with cocktail dresses than there is a good summer wedding. Sure, there are other outfits that will be perfectly appropriate, but you know that 90% of the female guests will show up in a cocktail-length dress. So after getting your arms ready, what’s the next most important thing? That’s right, your calves. 

So BionicGym has electrodes that you stick right onto your thighs. There are other TENs units out there that put the electrodes on the abs or other parts of your body, but there is a very specific reason why BionicGym chooses the thighs and it might not be what you think. 

All Over Workout

You might think, “I’m not too worried about my thighs, so BionicGym isn’t for me.” However, the electrodes simply work the thigh muscles but you get a benefit throughout your entire body. When your body is told to shiver in the thighs, it works out this major muscle group, but your body actually doesn’t discern where it takes fat from first. Every person is different and some people have fat that lands primarily on their stomachs. Others have fat stores that increase in size on their hips when they eat a little unhealthy. You cannot control where the fat settles when you eat, and you cannot control where your body chooses to take it from. 

Even if you were to do nothing but arm workouts, it would still take fat from other parts of your body. Now, you would of course gain more muscle in your arms but the fat is gathered and used at your body’s discretion. 

So BionicGym uses the thigh muscles because they are one of the largest muscle groups on your body. It is also convenient to use your thighs rather than other areas of the body that might be harder to reach, or more uncomfortable to stimulate over and over again. 

Defined Calves

So if you know that BionicGym takes from fat stores throughout the body, then how do you make sure to get the defined calves that you want when you are wearing a cocktail dress? What I like to do in these situations is to go about my BionicGym workout as normal, or maybe bump it up a notch so that I’m still burning fat at my regular rate. And then I just do a million calf raises. 

With BionicGym

If you want to make things a bit more intense than you’re used to and you can handle a little extra, then while you are doing your BioincGym workout, instead of sitting or laying down, do it from a standing position and do calf raises. You can do this in a few different ways. I like to do a quick succession of raises for about 30 seconds to a minute with a 30-second rest time. I might repeat this a few times.

Without BionicGym

Sometimes my BionicGym workout really takes me to the edge and I don’t have any more left in my tank as I am doing the workout. In these situations, I might choose to not do the calf raises while doing BionicGym but instead, do calf raises after or before. If I’m meal prepping, I do calf raises. If I’m on hold on the phone, I’ll do calf raises. Or if I’m rocking my niece to sleep, I’ll do calf raises (or sometimes squats!) This is a great way to get in a little extra workout into your day without burning yourself out all at once. 

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No Bloat Diet

Having nice arms and legs will do wonders for your confidence as you are attending all the weddings you have this season. But you know what will bring you down? If your aunt Harriet asks you how far along you are. No one likes to be asked if they are pregnant when they’re not. So what can you do to get rid of the pooch on your tummy without having to wrap your stomach in plastic wrap? 


Of course, continue doing your normal BionicGym workout. As mentioned before, your body will grab and use fat stores from all over your body. While tummy fat is a trouble area for a majority of women, you will still lose some weight on your stomach while doing BionicGym, even if you notice it flying off your arms and love handles faster. So make sure you continue to keep up your BionicGym workout. 

What Not To Eat

Beyond working out regularly, you probably know from experience that some foods will cause you to bloat. A food baby is a real thing! Sure, you could always wear something loose fitting so that you can just eat whatever you want while at the wedding. Wedding food is usually worth wearing a circus tent over. But if you are wanting to look stunning in a form-fitting outfit, then here are some foods to stay away from: 

  • Anything with carbonation
  • Alcohol, especially beer
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Dried fruit
  • Beans
  • Dairy Products
  • Bread

Whenever I see lists like this on a blog, all I can think of is what could I possibly eat that isn’t on this list? Well, don’t panic, because if you have a little of these things on the list, it’s not a huge deal. Just don’t overdo it. Maybe don’t get a pizza but instead have a taco salad that is light on the beans and cheese. You can still enjoy flavors and foods that you always have, but you don’t need to have the portions that you are used to having. And just remember that wedding season isn’t an eternity. You can do anything for a few weeks. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see that you can go without some of these things without too much sacrifice and you could actually start a good habit. 

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Everyone wants to look good in those wedding photos, whether it’s your own wedding or a wedding of a friend. These pictures last a lifetime and it makes sense that you would want to put your best self forward. Even if you are starting late in the game, a few months, weeks, or even days can make a significant difference. And who knows? Maybe you’ll lock in some healthy habits that will change your lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to start getting ready for wedding season with BionicGym!