How BionicGym Has Changed My Life

If you’re anything like me, weight might have been a constant struggle throughout your life. I personally felt like I was on a roller coaster of gains and losses and my emotions followed suit. I could commit to a weight loss program for a while, but it seemed after my results started to plateau a bit, I lost the drive and motivation to stick to these strict programs. It’s hard to deny yourself the things that you love–like food! It’s hard to stick to a workout program that is boring or you’re unsure of. All of these things made losing weight really difficult for me over the years. However, once I found BionicGym before it was even released, I knew I would love this product. Read on to find out just how BionicGym has changed my life for the better!

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I Can Find The Time

What is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t work out? They can’t find the time in their busy schedule. And it makes sense! Not only do people work longer hours than they used to in history, but there are so many other distractions floating around, threatening your workout time. 

What kinds of distractions am I talking about? Video games, movies, the latest tv series that you can binge-watch at the click of a button. Remember the days when you had to wait a whole week to watch your favorite show? Now they are all available all the time! You can literally spend all day watching tv and hardly make a dent in your watchlist. 

I’m not saying that watching tv is necessary or important, but it is something that will distract us from going to the gym and working out. And when you are faced with the choice of which one you would rather do, usually the choice is pretty obvious. 


Now, however, I can find the time to work out easily because I can do it while watching a show. Or I can get some work done or listen to an audiobook. These things are great distractions from the workout and they are fun to do.

One thing I like to do is save my favorite show for when I am doing BionicGym. Then I actually look forward to doing my workout. The catch is that you actually have to take yourself seriously enough to not cheat. If you can only allow yourself to watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite podcast while working out and no other time, then it will be something you enjoy every day. 


It’s also just a pain to have to go to the gym. I know, it’s not super far, but honestly, after a long day, the last thing I want to do is drive 15 minutes so that I can work out. After a long day, all I want to do is get comfortable and hang out in my home. And you can totally do that with BionicGym! You don’t even have to put on pants or worry about running into a cute guy/girl at the gym. You can just bask in your own tired-looking state and enjoy a workout in the comfort of your own home. 

Making Better Food Choices

There is a study that I read about in Time, where a group of researchers from the University of Texas of Austin recruited 2500 students who said they didn’t diet. Over the course of 15 weeks, the students went through guided regular exercise. They were told not to change their diet or eating habits at all. However, most of them did anyway. Of the 2500 students who started, 2000 stuck with the program and they were much more likely to make better food choices in general than the ones who stopped the program. 

The researchers found that “Longer exercise duration was associated with a decrease in preference for foods characteristic of the standard western diet, such as red meat, fried foods, and snack foods. Meanwhile, high-intensity exercise was associated with an increase in preference for healthy foods.”

So the takeaway? When you exercise, you naturally want to eat healthier. 

My Experience

I recognize that everyone is different and not everyone naturally wants to eat healthier when they exercise. However, I believe that you should always improve your diet along with your exercise, or else it’s like one can overcome the other. You can exercise a lot, but if you’re eating fast food every day, it isn’t going to make a huge difference. 

So if you, like me, want to improve both diet and exercise, according to this article, it is easier to improve your exercising routine and your diet will naturally follow after. 

I know that personally if I exercise in the morning before breakfast, I’ll want a healthy breakfast of eggs or oatmeal. If I don’t have time to get an exercise in before I start my day, I will crave sugary things like cereal, muffins, or toast slathered in butter and jam. 

It’s very hard to fight your cravings. It always feels like you are denying yourself something that you really want. But if you can change what you crave then you will feel satisfied and not deprived. 

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More Fit Overall

Although most people are drawn to BionicGym because they want to look better, it’s not all about weight loss. BionicGym can help you to feel better throughout your entire body and make you more healthy. 

It’s Not Just Weight Loss

I discuss how weight loss happens in many of my posts on this website, so I’ll just give the short version. When your muscles are stimulated and working hard, they require more oxygen. So your heart pumps blood faster and your breathing gets heavier. Your body needs to get the energy for this kind of work from somewhere, and it gets it from the fat stores that are located everywhere throughout your body. Then your body breaks down these fat stores to make energy and the bi-products are expelled through your breath and your sweat. 

Just because BionicGym’s electrodes are placed on your thighs doesn’t mean that they only pull fat stores from your thighs. In fact, the energy from the fat stores can be pulled from anywhere and your body does a pretty good job of pulling it equally from all places. This means that you are losing fat from your trouble areas like love handles and tummy pooch, but also from the fat that surrounds your organs. 

This means that your heart is healthier, your lungs work more efficiently, and your digestive tract will run more smoothly. You will start to feel better even before you start to look better. 

More Capable

BionicGym is mostly a workout program that targets cardio and weight loss. There isn’t a huge focus on muscle gain because to do that you really need to lift weights. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t start feeling stronger overall. 

When I first started using BionicGym, I was a bit of a weakling. I hated even carrying milk in from the car. Now, that is not a problem for me at all. My body mass was putting unnecessary strain on my joints that made moving not very enjoyable. Now I can move around and I feel like I have more energy, though maybe I’m just moving a lighter person. 

I also am better at doing other exercises like swimming and running because I’m getting a cardio workout. While my muscles that don’t often get overused might be sore after a run, my lung capacity is up to the task and my heart can handle the work. 

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Feeling Comfortable In My Skin

Overall, I feel very liberated now that I’ve been using BionicGym for a long time. It’s actually fun for me to see the progress that I am making. I love when I realize that I can work a little more intensely or for longer periods of time. I’m excited about how I look for sure, but I’m even more excited about the way that I feel. I don’t dread going pants shopping anymore. When my friends ask me to play a game of beach volleyball, I don’t dread it. I know that I am up for physical exertion and I’m also confident in how I look while I’m doing it. 

I don’t worry about the jiggle that I make when I walk anymore. Everything feels tighter and stronger than it used to. 

Emotionally, I feel just more confident in my looks and my abilities. But even more than that, I’m proud that I am making healthy choices. When you do good things, you feel good. When you take care of yourself, you feel good about yourself. I respect myself more than I used to and it shows. And sometimes I allow myself to have treats every once in a while because I know that I work hard. 

I feel proud of my exercise, my food, and my choices overall and that just makes me feel awesome and in control.