How Does the BionicGym Work?

How Does the BionicGym Work?

How to Lose Weight on the Couch with BionicGymWant to lose weight while sitting on the couch?

Are you injured and need to keep fit while at home?

Do you hate going to the gym but still want to work out and get fit?

The BionicGym is the answer to all of it.

You may think it’s not real at first, but it is backed by science and how the body burns calories. I lost over 40lbs using the BionicGym.

Want to know how the BionicGym works? Then you’ll want to read all the way until the end.

How the BionicGym Works

For those of you who have never heard of the BionicGym, allow me to explain. Due to modern advances in technology, the BionicGym can actually let you to burn calories by causing your thighs to shiver.

Yes, you read that right. The colder that you get, the more that you shiver, burning tons of calories along the way. That’s because energy is consumed when your muscle fibers lengthen and shorten. The BionicGym doesn’t make you cold though.

Here’s what happens: the BionicGym helps your body to reach the perfect rate of muscle relaxation and contraction for weight loss. Then, the BionicGym Wraps send impulses through your thighs to stimulate the “motor neurons” in your legs and glutes.

Dr Loius Crowe 1000 Calories on CouchBy signaling them to repeatedly contract, the BionicGym will make your muscles lengthen and shorten all by themselves. Miraculously, this is made possible by NMES, the technology that makes the BionicGym run so smoothly.

Even though NMES has been around a long time it has not been used properly in order to cause large muscles to work hard to create a workout method. BionicGym is the only system that allows you to lose weight and gain strength by using it.

Also known as TENS and EMSNMES isn’t exactly the newest gadget on the scene. Although it’s already been around for seven decades, this technology is now being used with the Bionic Gym to induce the following:

  • Cardiovascular exercise 
  • High-intensity exercise 
  • Aerobic exercise 

With the BionicGym, your muscles will continue to contract at the most ideal rates, requiring more energy and oxygen supply from your body, just like exercising. Next, your blood vessels and heart will work even harder to deliver blood faster, just like exercising. As your body starts to heat up, you’ll become more and more breathless, simulating a rigorous athletic warm-up, just like exercising.

Your body does all of this just like at the gym because your body is truly exercising. It is 100% working your thighs, glutes and even calves to burn calories in order to create heat, just like jogging.

How BionicGym WorksCreated by Dr. Louis Crowe, the BionicGym has undergone thousands of experiments worldwide. In fact, the results have even been reviewed in scientific publications.

The Bionic Gym actually works your body out for you.

How can you possibly beat that?

What Can You Do with the BionicGym?

TV watchers, rejoice!

Thanks to the BionicGym, working out and watching your favorite TV shows is no longer mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to hop into your car to get the same burn that you would if you hit the gym.

Get this: you can catch up on TV while you exercise with the revolutionary BionicGym. But that’s not all. Surprisingly enough, you can also get your work done at low levels of intensity.

On top of that, moderate levels of intensity allow you to play video games while you work out. However, high levels of intensity are more geared towards watching Netflix.

Unfortunately, that means that you’ll have to put your crossword puzzle away to work out at max capacity with the BionicGym. You wouldn’t want to sweat on the paper and ruin your answers.

If you think that cardio is beyond boring, you can’t get any better than the BionicGym. The best part is that the more that you watch TV, the fitter that you’ll become. The result: no more feeling guilty for binge-watching shows all day.

Do you prefer to work out while you work?

Getting a Cardio Workout DoneIf yes, then you should know that the BionicGym will double your regular metabolic rate during the workday. Plus, you continue to use the BionicGym at low levels as often as you need it. For example, burning an additional 200 calories per hour is enough to make a significant impact in weight loss.

You don’t need to get a treadmill desk and or standing desk in order to get health benefits of working out while at your desk.

It is highly recommend that you begin your BionicGym exercise first thing in the morning. When you start your day with this healthy habit, you’d be surprised by how quickly your nervous system will adapt to your routine.

Soon enough, you’ll be increasing your intensity on the machine in no time burning even more calories!

The History of the BionicGym

It all started more than 20 years ago when Dr. Louis Crowe went swimming in the Irish Sea. As he got out of the water, he noticed that his teeth were chattering just as much as his legs are shaking.

Inspired, Dr. Crowe realized that his body started to shiver at a sort of synchronized rhythm. He discovered that his brain was sending signals to his muscles whenever his body shivered. We all know what happened then: the invention of the BionicGym.

At this point, Dr. Crowe already knew that when someone shivers, they burn a lot of calories in the process. This explains why your body heat up in cold weather when you shiver. As he continued his studies on shivering, Dr. Crowe noticed that the colder he became, the more intensely he would shiver.

BionicGym Mimics ShiveringDr. Crowe began measuring this phenomenon on something that’s called a spectral analyzer. This is used to show the unique pattern of shiver signals that are sent from your brain to your muscles. Similar to turning up the volume of your music, the intensity of shivering increases once the amplitude does.

By copying these pulsating patterns, Dr. Crowe found that the muscles in the body can be “played” by electrical impulses. It gets better. He even figured out a way to make your body feel like it’s shivering without actually being cold.

Now, you can easily harness the power of shivering with the BionicGym too. To create the same effect that exercise has on the heart, Dr. Crowe focused on the largest muscle group in the body – the legs – to solve this crucial puzzle.

But here’s the catch: the BionicGym has been tested by science as well. The greatest part is that has revolutionized the world of neuromuscular stimulation as we know it!

The Science Behind the BionicGym

If you’re trying to find the scientific proof behind the BionicGym, then your search is over. Allow us to enlighten you. In case you’re unaware, calories are also known as units of heat.

Proven Weight Loss with BionicGymAs your body begins to warm up, it starts to shiver. Using a resonant frequency of between 7 Hz and 8 Hz, the muscle fibers in your body relax and contract to optimize energy levels. This makes your muscles beg for oxygen and your body demand more blood for fuel.

That’s why your heart rate gets a boost when your lungs begin to work faster. Next, electrodes in your body allow the BionicGym to target specific electrical impulses.

Want to know a secret?

Although these electrodes are only placed on your thigh, they encourage your calf muscles and glute muscles to burn calories too. Here’s the breakdown. You might be shocked to find out that you can burn anywhere from one to two calories every minute while you sit.

As you begin to increase intensity on the BionicGym, you’ll notice that your body will be stimulated much more intensely. This is crazy: using the BionicGym, you’ll boost your calorie-burning potential to a whopping 15 calories per minute of resting.

But wait – there’s more. The BionicGym can increase your heart rate to the same level that it would reach if you were physically exercising. Your oxygen uptake will increase after watching a couple of movies on your couch as well.

While you’re using the BionicGym, you’ll have more endurance you’ve ever had at a regular gym. Incredibly enough, scientists have shown that you’ll be able to lose more calories in several hours than someone who took a vigorous spin class at the same time.

Don’t believe us? You’ll have to try it out to see for yourself!

Customer Reviews of the BionicGym

Chances are that you’ve already read all of the BionicGym blogs on the web. If that’s the case, then you’ll know how excited reviewers are once they realize that they can work out while they’re on the couch.

Wearing BionicGym to Lose WeightUnlike ab stimulator belts, the muscle stimulation produced by the BionicGym has been proven to work. Even though they’re built with similar technology, the BionicGym is different because it stimulates both of your legs at the same time.

Besides this, using it at high levels of intensity will feel more like sprinting in a marathon instead of relaxing in your living room. Here’s the thing. Three important parts come with the BionicGym: 

  • The app
  • The unit
  • The wraps

While the wraps are strapped to your thigh to produce an electrical current, the unit can be placed into your thigh wrap’s pocket. Lastly, the app on your smartphone will control everything remotely.

According to customer reviews online, getting started is surprisingly simple. All that it takes is charging up the unit and pairing it with your phone via a Bluetooth connection. If you’re feeling clumsy, feel free to take a look at videos to demonstrate the right way to position the wraps.

That way, you’ll make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your new device. Be sure that you position your electrodes properly. FYI – some users reported muscle cramps when electrodes were placed too close to their inner thighs. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, most users stated that they started at intensity level 10. While this is an easy level, pushing yourself toward level 20 or level 30 might feel a little bit too intense for your first time.

Warning: you want to take your time getting accustomed to this device! It really is a workout.

Why Wait? Try out the BionicGym Now!

Let’s face it: working out while watching TV sounds like it’s too good to be true. But with the BionicGym, all of your wildest exercise goals can come to life…all while you catch up on your favorite episodes, work or learn new things.

Using BionicGym at HomeBacked by science, the BionicGym links to your thighs to stimulate cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. Once you find the most ideal intensity level for you, connect your electrodes to the proper place on your legs and prepare to feel the burn.

The craziest part is that there are multiple, built-in fitness programs to enjoy with the BionicGym too. From pro workouts and regular routines to high-intensity sessions, the BionicGym really does do it all.

Admit it. Who doesn’t want to shed excess weight without having to do all the work? Now all you have to do, literally, is lift a finger. You put on the wraps, turn it on, press start, and your weight loss begins.

Don’t wait for the current sale to be over. Save tons of money by getting the BionicGym instead of paying a monthly payment to the Gym and you don’t want to go to anyway.