How To Prevent Workout Pain With BionicGym

There are a lot of benefits to working out with BionicGym. If you’ve read any of my posts, then you know how many benefits there are to working out with it. It is an amazing and convenient exercise tool that can be used basically anywhere. There is also another benefit that you might not think about. You can prevent workout pain with BionicGym. Or at least it is much easier to prevent pain and soreness when doing this kind of workout versus running or any other kind. Let me explain how to prevent workout pain with BionicGym. 

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Muscle Cramping

Muscle contracting is a very normal thing during exercise. In fact, muscle contractions are normal and necessary even when you are not exercising. The way that your body moves, requires several muscles to contract and relax constantly. This happens with your mind not even thinking about it happening. 

When you use BionicGym, it uses electrical pulses to cause your muscles to contract without having to go through the literal motions of running or other exercises. So instead of moving your legs up and down, you can sit and exercise without much movement at all. 

So you might wonder, can you experience muscle cramping when you are using BionicGym? The answer is yes because you can experience muscle cramping any time that your muscles are contracting repeatedly. But here is how to deal with it or prevent it. 


There are many causes of muscle cramping and there are some muscle cramps that just cannot be explained. Some of the most common reasons for muscle cramps according to the Mayo Clinic is overuse of a muscle, dehydration, holding a position for too long, or muscle strain. 


So muscle cramping can happen no matter what exercise you are doing, but there are ways to prevent it. 


So if you suspect that your muscles are cramping because of overuse, then consider splitting your BionicGym workout into smaller bites. You might enjoy 30 minutes of workout time, but your body might be telling you to tap out at 15. Just don’t get discouraged. Even if you cannot handle the amount of time you want to now, you will be able to work yourself up to longer stretches of time. 


The easiest way to prevent muscle cramping is by making sure you stay well hydrated. But this might take a little more than just drinking water every once in a while. There are a lot of opinions when it comes to drinking water and probably the most common one is to drink half of your body weight but in ounces. Meaning if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water in a day. Other people swear to drinking a gallon a day. If you are someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water in general, both of these methods will be challenging at first. YOu might have to get used to it. 

Too Long In a Position

Holding a position too long can make you cramp up pretty fast. And while I wouldn’t suggest that you walk around while you are doing BionicGym, you definitely don’t have to stay completely still all the time. In fact, some people enjoy working in a half squat position for intervals to get a little more edge on their workout. But it could just take a little shifting around for you to find a different position. 

Muscle Strain

Muscle strains that cause cramping are no fun. Most muscle injuries happen because you didn’t take the time to stretch enough. So this is an easy fix! Just make sure to stretch before and after working out. You might want to do a little warm-up, stretch, do BionicGym, and then have a more intense stretch after. 

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Another common side effect of working out is soreness. It is pretty normal to feel at least slightly sore after a workout. In fact, if I don’t feel a LITTLE sore then I wonder if I worked hard enough or burned enough calories. However, after being more consistent with my exercise, I’ve realized that soreness doesn’t have to be the norm of every workout.


The cause of soreness is small tears in your muscles. You may have heard of this in health classes or in physical education. Many people will claim that the only way to gain muscle is to tear it, however, this isn’t quite the case. 

When you start a new exercise it is very normal to experience soreness, especially if it is an intense workout. According to Men’s Journal, “After a few weeks of the same workouts, your body adapts to the stimulus, and you’ll no longer be sore.” This is because these specific muscles are more used to it and have built up more strength. 

So if you are like me and second guess yourself wondering if you’re not working hard enough because you aren’t waking up in pain, then just remember that! You don’t have to be in pain every single day to get results. And if you start a workout and feel sore the next day and you decide to give up on it, as a result, stop doing that! It isn’t normal to be in pain all the time, so that won’t be your life if you choose a healthy lifestyle. 


When your body is sore, it is its way of telling you that it needs to recover. So while I don’t think it’s a great idea to work out one day and then take a break for 5 more days while you recover and start the process over again, you do need to listen to your body to make sure you don’t injure yourself. 

The great thing about BionicGym is that you can track everything about your workout so easily. You can track the intensity, how many minutes you do, your heart rate, and even the calories that you burn with all that information combined. So it is a good idea to start out slowly, listen to your body and intensify things one day at a time. 

However, if you do make the mistake of going too hard at once and you are extremely sore the next day, then by all means take a day to recover. Then when you do get back into it, don’t do the same intensity and length that you did before. Maybe do half that much. You don’t have to go as hard as you can all the time. If you really want to be successful in keeping this healthy lifestyle then you will want to work up to it slowly. 

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Joint Pain

One thing I find interesting is that we don’t naturally know how to run. I mean most people CAN run, but a lot of people have really terrible form that can lead to injuries. I think probably every other animal in the world runs with good form for what kind of species they are, but as humans apparently, we just aren’t born knowing how to do it correctly. 


Joint pain is commonly caused by running incorrectly. Of course, it can come from other exercises as well, but running is the main culprit to joint pain. If you run correctly, you shouldn’t get any injuries, but running incorrectly or not stretching before running can really mess with your joints, particularly your knees. 


The great thing about BionicGym is that it completely eliminates the risk of joint pain. If you exercise using BionicGym as a tool, you can get the same great cardio workout that you love to get in your runs without the injury and joint pains. In fact, if your knees are messed up beyond repair, BionicGym is the perfect solution to maintain your health now that you can’t run like you used to. 

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Back Pain

A lot of people cannot work out like they used to because they have chronic back pain. This becomes more and more common as you get older. Years of misuse may catch up to you, or illnesses come out of the woodwork that you never knew you had. This can feel like a nightmare, but fortunately, BionicGym has got your back. 

BionicGym allows you to sit in a comfortable position while your heart rate rises, you sweat, and you breathe heavily. You can burn calories without having to get off your seat, which is a real miracle for people who have health problems and cannot move around like they once could. 

It can be particularly hard for people who have become disabled or experience back pain to work out, which often makes them gain weight. This weight will add even more pain to their back and joints, which makes them even less able to work out. The cycle goes on and on as this person sinks deeper and deeper into a worse lifestyle. BionicGym can give these people hope for a better future. It might not relieve all the pain, but it will lessen it dramatically. 

Side Stitches


Did you know that there is no one definite cause of side stitches? We all know that we get them when we run sometimes. But sometimes it seems to be in relation to eating right before running or maybe not eating at all before running. Sometimes it doesn’t have anything to do with food. But we all know that they are PAINFUL and not fun to deal with. 

But guess what? When you use BionicGym, you get a great cardio workout without the risk of getting any side stitches… ever!

According to UT Health Austin one “theory put forth by researchers suggests that ETAP is caused by the stretching of the ligaments that extend from the diaphragm to the internal organs. The jarring motion of running continuously in addition to breathing in and out stretches these ligaments and prevents them from having enough time to relax. When this happens, the diaphragm becomes stressed and a spasm, the stitch you feel, is more likely to occur.” So it sounds like that is pretty hard to avoid when you’re running. 


Of course, you can play with different routines as far as eating before running, or you can just use BionicGym. BionicGym completely eliminates side stitches. There are no jarring movements so you can actually drink an energy drink WHILE you work out. Some people say no pain, no gain, but I don’t think exercise has to be that way. 

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Have you ever been extremely sore after a workout and just wanted to call the whole “healthy lifestyle” quits? This is one thing that really holds people back. They start a routine and they are in pain immediately afterward and lose their momentum. Well, you can prevent workout pain with BionicGym and never lose your drive to make your life healthier. BionicGym allows you to lose the weight without risk of injury and with minimal to no pain.