Is BionicGym Legit?

When it comes to weight loss products, many people can be wary. There are so many weight loss shakes, protein bars, pills, etc that all claim to be this magic formula to burn fat and fast. However, many of these programs are not sustainable long term. The good news is that BionicGym is not like any of these gimmicks and will give you real, long-lasting results. And what’s more important, it will help you lose weight in a healthy way. You don’t need to worry about putting something potentially cancerous or harmful into your body. So you really want to know if BionicGym is legit? Read on to learn more about it!

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Not A Marketing Scheme

One thing that many people worry about when they are looking into a weight loss program is if it is a marketing scheme. If you take a look around at the BionicGym website, you will find out quickly that it is not one of those weight loss programs that require you to work out the way that they tell you AND also drink their shakes or eat their special food. You won’t be pressured to buy a million products “or else you won’t get the right results.” 

The process is simple, you buy the product and use it to work out. You will get results if you use it regularly. You can eat your own food–of course tracking your nutrition is very helpful in weight loss–but you can eat your own food and not worry about buying extras. No one is going to be sliding into your DMs asking you to join their “support team”. 

It’s just the BionicGym product and that’s it. 

100 Percent Safe

Another thing that people worry about is if their weight loss program is safe. Here are some ways that you can know BionicGym is safe. 

No Food Involved

You may have bought into a weight loss program in the past that told you what foods to eat and what ones to stay away from. You may have juiced for a month without eating solid food. Or you could have focused on whole foods. Whatever your weight loss attempts in the past, it is likely that you’ve tried a program that might not have worked for you very well. 

BionicGym does not have any potentially dangerous diets, because it does not have a diet associated with it. It is a product that works you out, but you don’t have to ingest anything special or stay away from anything if you don’t want to. You, of course, are welcome to try these diets in conjunction with BionicGym, but BionicGym is not involved in what goes in or stays out of your body. This is important because there are a lot of weight loss programs that are actually quite unhealthy for you, especially when you are spending more time working out than you used to. 

I had a friend once who went on a special crash diet when she had recently given birth to get that baby weight off. It seemed healthy. It was all fruits and vegetables. You could eat as much as you wanted! But it was only fruit and vegetables. Well, she nearly passed out while holding her baby because she had cut out some really important nutrients for the sake of losing weight. Her breastmilk also didn’t have the same fat content that was necessary for her baby to bulk up.

Long story short, there is not a diet that works for every person in every circumstance. You really have to do your research about what would be best for you and your body! And BionicGym is not involved in trying to convince you what that might be. So as far as weight loss programs go, this is a win in my book. 


Some people get nervous about electrical pulses going through their bodies to have them shiver. First of all, shivering is a completely natural response that your body will do in certain situations and it is always safe. 

Second, it is important to note that your body will not be cold while it is shivering. Some people wonder if you’ll catch hypothermia. Your body is not cold at all, in fact, it gets increasingly warm as you work out and start to sweat. 

Third, this shivering method is nothing new. It is relatively new in the weight-loss realm, but essentially, the BionicGym is a high-powered TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) that is used for weight loss instead of physical therapy. If you have ever gone to a physical therapist you may have used something similar. These units are used to relieve pain by masking pain signals from nerves of an affected area to the spinal cord. So basically, while you are using it, it will feel like you are not experiencing pain, though the pain (and the root of it) is still under the surface. 

While there is a lot of debate about whether these units are effective for long-term pain relief, it only seems to give relief while you are using it and not afterward, there is no doubt that they are safe. TENS units have been used in a medical setting for years with no bad results, though the results leave something to be desired in the pain realm. Though it might not be the best answer for pain relief, is an effective way to lose weight. 

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Works Long Term

And while the pain relief results are not long-lasting, the weight will stay off if you use it regularly and watch what you eat. Pain can be a constant in your life and there seems to be no end in sight of it. However, weight loss is much more simple. Once you lose the calories, they aren’t coming back until you put more calories into your body. 

So, BionicGym is a high-powered TENS unit that will increase electrical pulses into your nerves to make your muscles shiver. This causes your heart rate to increase and triggers your body to breathe heavier to get more oxygen to your muscles. Your sweat and exhaling breath carries the bi-products of your fat energy stores from your body out. This is the exact way that any kind of workout gets rid of calories. You’re heart rate increases and your breathing becomes more rapid. This is how you know you’re working hard and getting rid of the fat stores around your body. 

Your body will pull energy from the fat stores throughout your body, not just your thighs, where the BionicGym electrodes are placed. This includes fat that surrounds your organs, especially your heart. So you won’t just lose weight in the trouble areas like your stomach and love handles–you are actually getting all-around more lean and healthy. 

Other Weight Loss Programs

Since BionicGym works you out, it is a legit weight loss program. The best way to get into shape is to naturally work your muscles and lose weight that way. So though, working out while sitting down may seem like a too-good-to-be-true weight loss program, it is not a magic pill. This is not some supplement that makes you lose all your water weight and then once you stop taking it all comes back. This is a legitimate workout that gets rid of calories and weight in the traditional way, and not by ingesting something with questionable ingredients. 

Easy to Incorporate Into Your Life

Lastly, BionicGym is legit because it is a long-term weight loss tool that you can and will want to continue to use long term. This isn’t a program that asks you to cut out all sugar and carbs. Those kinds of diets never seem to work long term. They are too hard to incorporate into your everyday life, especially if you are feeding a family. 

However, BionicGym is just asking for your time. Just 30 minutes to an hour, 3 to 5 times a week is enough to see results. You can do it from home. You can do it while you are working or even watching a movie. If you have been unsuccessful at working out in the past because your gym is too inconvenient, or too far away, or doesn’t have the hours that you need, then this is the tool that you need to get your body in shape. You don’t even have to put on pants to do this workout! In fact, it’s better if you don’t. 

And if you’re the person who wants to work out but doesn’t know what they are doing at the gym or how to use the equipment, this is for you too! This unit works you out. Once you have the electrodes on, you don’t have to think of anything else other than just letting it work its magic. 

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So to answer the question, “Is BionicGym Legit?” yes, it absolutely is. It may make some people wary because anything too easy can’t be real. But let me put your mind at ease. This workout is not easy. It is simple. But it is challenging. You will feel a real workout, you will sweat real sweat. So try it today!