Is Losing Weight Expensive?

Is losing weight expensive? This is a question that a lot of people have who have not yet embarked on their weight loss journey. There are a lot of things to spend money on when you are trying to lose weight, and this can bump up costs significantly and rapidly. However, there are a lot of ways to save money when you are trying to lose weight as well. You don’t have to have the gimmicks or all the different equipment. The trick to a successful weight loss journey that won’t break the bank, is to do your research, do as much as you can on your own, and stick to one plan. With all these tips, you will be sure to save money. Here are some of my favorite money-saving tips for successful weight loss. 

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One of my favorite ways to lose weight is by purchasing BionicGym. Now, I know that BionicGym is not exactly cheap. This weight-loss tool can be quite expensive upfront, but there are not a lot of extra costs after that. Gym memberships can be very expensive. And even when the advertised price is fairly low, there are usually a lot of startup fees at the beginning and then when the contract renews, often a gym will increase the price without giving you notice. 

You don’t have to deal with canceling your contracts or fighting with salespeople when you purchase BionicGym. 

Extra Costs

When you have BionicGym, you don’t have monthly payments of a gym, but you do need to buy replacement sticky pads every once in a while. You should change them out after about 30 uses, so don’t panic thinking that you have to replace them after every use. You can buy them through BionicGym in bulk and save a bit of money. This should take you through three months of use. 

Extra Exercise

If you want to add a bit of strength training to your exercise regimen, you can still completely avoid the gym and the extra costs that it gives you. Here are some of my favorite ways to add strength training without the gym. 

Small Weights

One of the benefits of having a gym membership, of course, is all the equipment available to you. However, you can get by with some simple things to help you get the strength training that you need. When I want to do some exercise after BionicGym to really pinpoint some other muscles in the body, I reach for my small weights. Now, weights aren’t the cheapest thing on the planet–they average about a dollar a pound, but that isn’t too much if you are only buying up to 20-pound weights or less. And honestly, you don’t need to buy weights that are heavier than that if you are just looking to tone.

If you are looking for bulk, you might want to invest in a full set of heavyweights, but at least to start, I would just purchase some smaller weights and do several long reps in a row. This will give tone to your arms and it is the best way to start weights if you are new to them.

Can Be Dangerous

A lot of people start out using weights that are as heavy as they can handle and this isn’t the best way to do weight training. Why? Because if you are lifting weights that are right at your limit then you will only be able to do a couple of reps at a time and you won’t get the kind of work in that you want. 

Additionally, you can injure yourself easily by pushing yourself too hard with weights too soon. It is hard, to be honest with yourself when you are lifting and tell yourself that you can lift a heavy weight, but you aren’t doing it with the right form, and for that, you need to drop down. When you’re motivated to lose weight and get into better shape as fast as possible, it can be hard to listen to your body, but it is very important to do. 


You can also get some elastic bands for very cheap, anywhere from $15 to $30 to get a full set of bands. This gives you even more stay-at-home options. You might wonder why bands would even be important if you are trying to lose weight and gain muscle. Bands don’t quite work your body in the same way that weights do. 

However, I find bands so valuable because they really help you to exercise in a safe way. There is a reason that so many physical therapists give you exercises that include bands. They make sure that you don’t over-extend yourself and they give you resistance that you need to take your exercise to the next level without having to add weights that might not be very good for your joints. These bands look simple, but just like BionicGym, they are anything but easy. You really will get an amazing workout if you just add these simple tools to your workout.  

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A lot of people get discouraged on their weight loss journey because they see all the fancy meal plans that other people are on. And let me tell you, you do not have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy things. 

Why People Spend More on Food

I think a lot of people find that they are spending a lot more initially when they start to have a healthier diet because they are buying a lot of new “healthy” snacks and treats or because they haven’t kicked their old habits to the curb. 

Buying Double

Sure it can be expensive if you are buying healthy food for yourself and also buying all the things you would normally buy for the rest of the family. That means you could be close to doubling your grocery bill. But if you actually cut out some things from your normal food order and replace it with healthier things, then you won’t have such a high bill. 

Healthy Treats

Another reason people overspend when they start eating healthy is that they think the transition will be easier if they have a lot of healthy treats on hand. Healthy treats can be very expensive and actually very high in calories too. Though they are not empty calories, many healthy things like protein bites and bars can be upwards of 400 calories each. This is a lot if you are not using it as a replacement meal. You really need to be working out quite a bit if you want that to be worth the calories. 

Although they are high in fiber, protein, and other vitamins, it doesn’t mean that they are a “weight loss” treat. You can also save a lot of money by just making protein bites yourself at home. There are several great recipes that are only a couple of ingredients each. Just be sure that you are careful about the calories. 

Also, healthy treats can be expensive to make. I have a whole recipe book of “healthy” cookies, cakes, brownies, and cheesecakes. But guess what? They don’t taste great first of all, and they are made with really expensive ingredients like cashews. Cashews are one of the most expensive nuts and they are in so many healthy treat recipes! My advice on this is just to eat the regular brownie, just limit yourself to a bite instead of a full-size piece. Portion control can go a long way, but it will be more enjoyable and much less expensive. 

Premade Meals

Another huge money sucker is premade meals. One thing I love about BionicGym is that it doesn’t push its own meals on you. It is purely an exercise tool, but they believe in it so much that they aren’t telling you you can only be successful if you eat solely their diet plan. That is one of my pet peeves about weight loss companies. You can lose weight and be successful in making your own food from home! You just have to remember a few key things. 

First of all, you need to be conscious of the calories that you are putting into your body. You may know roughly what different ingredients cost calorie-wise, but until you meticulously measure your food, you might not realize that you are using a lot more than what the serving size recommends. You could be eating a meal that you think is very healthy like a salad and be eating more calories than a value hamburger because of the amount of dressing that you use. 

Second, you need to meal plan so that you don’t reach for something convenient or go through the drive-through on a day that you are just pooped from work. As long as you have a plan, you will be successful at eating healthy. 

Unfamiliar With Prices

I would say one of the primary reasons people find themselves overspending on healthy foods is that they are unfamiliar with the prices of things. Don’t immediately go to a health food store like Trader Joe’s because they are pretty notorious for having expensive foods. Sure, you know that most of the food there is good for you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time weeding through the foods that aren’t good for you, but you can find very healthy food at your regular store as well. 

My advice is to stick with what you know. Buy lots of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. You cannot go wrong with that. Steer clear of prepackaged health foods because they are usually very expensive, and usually not very tasty. YOu might end up with a lot of extra snacks in your home that you won’t want to eat. 

Buying Out of Season

When people who don’t normally eat a lot of fruit and vegetables start trying to put more of them into their diet, it is pretty common for them to overspend. Why? Because they don’t have as much experience with fruits and vegetables. 

They might only like four or five different kinds of produce and that will limit their options and also it will likely be more expensive. Strawberries are very expensive in the fall and winter. But if you ONLY like strawberries, then you might find yourself really racking up your grocery bill. Here are a few tips about buying produce. 

First of all, buy in season. Things will be much cheaper. 

Second, be adventurous. YOu may have hated green beans growing up, but could that be because your mom made them out of a can? If you’ve never had fresh green beans then it’s understandable that you would hate them. Give things another try. Ask friends for recipe ideas. 

Third, buy frozen. Frozen fruit and vegetables are a great way to get produce at a good price. Companies always freeze their produce when it is at the peak ripeness, which means it has the most amount of nutrients possible. So don’t always grab for the fresh berries. Instead, check out the price for the frozen ones and be creative with how you use them! 

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Diet Pills 

I have some pretty strong opinions about diet pills, powders, drinks, etc. And my strong opinions are that they are not as effective in the long run as just making sure that you are expending more calories than you are consuming. 

Do They Work?

I’m not saying that diet pills don’t work. There are tons of people who have had a lot of success consuming these hunger inhibitors, but after they stop using them, they bounce back many times. Maybe they don’t go back to their original high weight, but they definitely gain back some of the weight. 

In my opinion, this is not a sustainable way to lose weight, because your body is dependent on this pill to tell it that it doesn’t want any more food. And do you really want to be dependent on a pill? Especially an expensive one? 

Is It Sustainable?

The short answer is that no, diet pills are not sustainable. Not only should you not take diet pills regularly because they do have side effects. Every pill has a side effect. But also, your body isn’t learning. Your brain isn’t learning. You aren’t forming any new and good habits by using diet pills. Instead of taking a pill and letting it do the work for you, you need to learn how to portion control. You need to train your body to be satisfied with a number of calories that will sustain it throughout the day and not give it extra. And you need to teach your body to learn to like the taste of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and water. 

There are so many people out there who hate the taste of healthy food because it doesn’t have the added sugars and other ingredients that we are used to eating in daily life. The sodium levels arent’ as high. Water seems bland and tasteless to someone who is used to drinking soda all day long. But once you start cutting the bad foods for you out and start implementing healthier food, you will realize how delicious all the healthy food is. If you take a diet pill, you might not be very hungry for as much food as you used to be, but you won’t learn to appreciate healthy food. So once you get off the pill you will go back to old habits. 

Diet pills are expensive even if they are effective for a while. It’s better to break old habits and make some great new ones. 

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So is losing weight expensive? Maybe for some. But it doesn’t have to be! If you have a plan and you do your research about what will work for you and what you should buy, then it can be even less expensive than your normal diet. Imagine cutting out all fast food. Imagine cutting out all the chips and cookies. If you replace those things with good produce and proteins that will fill you up and are good for your body, you will actually reduce your grocery bill. You can lose weight on a budget especially if you invest in BionicGym and throw out your gym membership.