My BionicGym Setup

One of the questions I get asked most often is what does it look like when you use BionicGym? There are a lot of different setups that you can use for BionicGym. The whole point of BionicGym is to fit into your lifestyle rather than trying to fit your lifestyle around it. This is why everyone who uses it finds it much more convenient than any other workout program that they’ve tried. There’s no running to the gym before it closes or finding babysitters. No more worrying that your gym clothes are dirty so you can’t go out. BionicGym works for you, not the other way around. So here is how I have my BionicGym setup. 

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Work Days

I have the luxury of being able to work from home most days, so I am able to use BionicGym without too much trouble while I work. However, This doesn’t mean that I always do it while I’m working. Even though you can double task while you are using BionicGym, I prefer not to do anything too involved these days. 


This is because BionicGym causes you to shiver, and when you shiver, you can sometimes bounce a bit. When you are on the lower settings, you barely notice the bouncing, but if you’ve done BionicGym for a while and you like to move up to the more intense settings, you will really start to bounce quite a bit. This bouncing can make it a little tricky to do certain things that you might need to do to fulfill your job requirements, like typing. 

When I don’t have the time in the morning to work out before I clock in for my job, and I really want to get that workout in, I try to make sure that I have tasks that don’t require a lot of typing. This might be something like viewing a training video, doing research, or some light paperwork filing. 

However, even if I cannot put off things like typing, I can try to lessen the effects just a bit. I like to put on ankle weights if I am working at a desk, and that gives my legs just a slightly easier time fighting against the bouncing. You still get a bit of a bounce, and it can make things a little tricky, but it’s not as bad. 

Early Morning Workouts

Ideally, I can get my workout in before I even go to work. And my routine looks a little bit like this: 

Sleep In Clothes

I wake up early after sleeping in my exercise clothes. I find that if I sleep in my exercise clothing, I will be more likely to actually do the work. Personally, I don’t like wearing tight things to sleep, which is perfect because BionicGym has to be in direct contact with your skin, so some wide-leg pajama pants or some loose-fitting shorts are the ideal outfits for BionicGym.


Next, I make a Pre-workout drink mix. This is something with electrolytes and a lot of water. I dilute mine slightly more than what the package calls for and get plenty of ice. One thing I love about BionicGym is first, you can drink WHILE you are working out. Second, you don’t experience a side stitch even if you drink quite a bit. It is very easy to stay hydrated. 

Warm Up

If I am working out before I clock in for the day, I like to do a mindful meditation during the first few minutes of my warm-up. This is the part of the workout that isn’t so challenging and I can keep my mind focused on relaxing and taking in the morning. It is especially helpful throughout my day to have a few minutes to get centered. This is not a time for stressing out or creating to-do lists. 

Find a Distraction

Meditation has its time and place, but it is very difficult to meditate during an intense workout. Being mindful of my body is definitely not what I want when I’m working hard. I want to be distracted more than anything. You can find a favorite show to watch or scroll through Instagram. Lately, I have found that I really want to be more intentional about the media I am consuming. I find myself having a negative attitude throughout the day if that is the type of stuff that I consume typically. So I have been looking for educational documentaries or podcasts that will really hold my attention. If I work out with BionicGym 30 minutes a day 6 days a week, that is 3 hours of time that I am spending furthering my education. 


Typically after my workout, I’ll head to work for the day after a cool shower. However, if it is a day where I am working from home and working out at the same time, the day looks very similar with me setting up with a drink at my desk and working on light tasks. 

Keep It Tidy

One of the ways that you know BionicGym is working is that you sweat a lot while you use it. Sweat is one of the ways that you can get rid of the byproducts of burning fat and so if you’re sweating more and breathing heavier, you know you’re burning those calories. However, you don’t want those fat-busting byproducts to be all over your couch. If I”m working out on the couch, I like to put a towel down, just to protect it. I prefer having a material of leather or pleather on my couches just for stain removal, but if you don’t have a couch like that, I would probably try to find a different comfortable spot in your home. Even if you are standing or in a computer chair, it’s better than making your nice sofa smelly. 

I use a clean towel every day and put my BionicGym pads in a basket next to my entertainment center. I don’t like to have it out every day even if I use it every day. 

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On the weekends I like to move a little slower in the morning. I won’t plan to wake up early and get the day started with enough time to work out before my job. I like to take my time and eat a healthy, yet exciting breakfast before my workout. 


During the workweek, I feel a bit rushed in the morning. There are tasks that I need to get done in a timely manner, and I don’t necessarily want to eat right when I get up in the morning. That is why I drink a pre-workout mix in the early morning workouts. This gives me a boost of energy without making me feel heavy and gross. 

However, on the weekends, since I am moving a little slower and sleeping in a little later than I typically do, I take my time and make a healthy breakfast before I start my workout. Either method works great, it’s just a little change and I can feel such a difference. When I work out with a drink, I feel light and energized. I feel motivated to take on the world and excited about my workout goals. When I have time to make myself a healthy breakfast of eggs or something similar, I might feel a bit heavier in my stomach, but mostly I feel like I have a lot more endurance and I can push myself harder than I typically do. This could be due to the extra calories or the extra hours of sleep, but either way, I find myself pushing myself even harder on Saturday mornings. 


This brings me to a little side note. I don’t work out on Sundays. Though I might occasionally do some breathwork or some stretching, that is as far as I will take it, no exceptions. I know that when you open yourself up to working out every day it can become all-consuming and it can quickly wear you out. Having my Sundays free from working out is like eating a big slice of chocolate cake. It feels indulgent, but it also is something I physically and mentally need. I need to know that I will be able to take a break one day a week. I also need to know that my body will be able to recover from its hard work. Recovery is just as important as working out. 

I often will have a day that just doesn’t work out for me as well. There are just some days where it can’t be done and I give myself grace on these days. Ideally, I’d love to work out 6 days a week, but realistically I have a goal of 5 days a week. I know that this is enough to see really great results and I know that I’m human and cannot win them all!


Just like I would distract myself from my workout with some entertaining things on the weekdays, I likewise do it on the weekends. Now, Saturdays are my special indulgent days so I allow myself to not be restricted to educational podcasts and documentaries. Instead, this is my time to catch up on my guilty pleasures of reality tv or scrolling through social media. This also feels like a treat and even though it isn’t very mentally stimulating, it is relaxing and fun. 


I might use this time to sip on my pre-workout drink mix again, but I often go in a different direction on a Saturday since I have more time. I may make a fresh juice with plenty of ice or a smoothie. But I most definitely have something cold and tasty to sip on. 


Although I love my Saturdays for relaxing, there are some mornings when I wake up ready to take on the world. If I’m not feeling just relaxing on the couch or recliner as BionicGym pumps away at me, then you might find me doing some light meal prep work. Now, remember, this isn’t a great time to use your knife since the shivering may make you unsteady on your feet, but washing fruit and putting food in different containers, cooking chicken are all great things you can do while using BionicGym. 

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Though I much prefer working out in the mornings, there are many times when it just doesn’t work out for me. Sometimes I just stayed up way too late and I cannot pull myself out of bed to work out. These days it’s easy to just say, “well, I guess it’s just not going to happen for me today.” And this is because we get used to things being a certain way. We don’t often work out in the evening, so it’s hard to visualize it as happening. So if you have a plan and a setup that you are used to for the days that you just can’t hack it in the morning, you will be much more successful in the evening. 

Before Dinner

Eating really affects a workout. I really prefer to work out when I don’t have much in my stomach, and that is why I suggest working out before dinner. Most people think about working out in the evening as working out right before bed so that they will shower and hop right into bed. However, why not work out before dinner? It can be tricky if you have little kids for sure, so it’s not for everyone. But if you can work out before dinner, I suggest it. 

After Dinner

If you cannot make working out before eating work, then I would suggest waiting a minimum of an hour after eating before you work out. I would even suggest at least two hours, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. Just make sure you don’t eat too much or it isn’t too heavy because you never want to workout with an uncomfortable stomach. 

One downside about working out in the evenings is that you don’t want to go to bed all sweaty at night, and exercising late at night and then taking a shower will take up your entire evening. So if you really want to be disciplined about exercising each day, make sure that an evening routine is going to work for you. It is easy to say in the morning that you will do it at night and then get to the nighttime and realize you’re too exhausted from the day and you don’t want to go through all the effort of exercising and showering off. 

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Ultimately, your BionicGym setup will be something that you individually want. I personally like to stay hydrated. I drink more water than the average person, so it is important to have a drink on hand when I am exercising. And I keep my area clean and try to be comfortable and entertained the whole time. What do you have in your BionicGym setup? Do you have a favorite chair or favorite podcast to listen to? If you don’t, check out my post about my favorite podcasts here