My Life Before and After BionicGym

Most people probably start an exercise program to get to a goal weight. They might want to lose their baby weight or be the same weight that they were when they got married. Whether their goals are realistic or not, I have found that I hate the “scalable victories.” They are easy to measure of course, which makes them something that people use as a scale for success, but after using BionicGym for a few months, I realized there are so many other ways to measure your success. So here is a little peek into my life before and after BionicGym. Exercising regularly has most definitely made me happier overall, and here’s how.

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Better At A Schedule

I have never been what you would call “type A” and it’s always been a bit hard for me! I’m a person who really wants to be always on top of things and more organized, but I never could quite make any method stick. However, after using BionicGym, I have been able to be more organized and stick to a schedule that actually works for me. 

It Starts With One Thing

I didn’t start BionicGym with the goal of being better at sticking to a schedule. I started BionicGym hoping to be able to stick with an exercise program and that’s it. However, I realized that fitting exercise into your schedule takes a little more effort than finding 30 free minutes each day. In fact, it had to be more like an hour of time and it had to be an ideal window of time. I needed to factor in showering afterward and getting ready for the day. I found out quickly that waiting until the evening didn’t work for me. 

So I started getting up earlier. 

That was really hard. 

And once I started getting up earlier for myself, I found more benefits roll in. 

Time To Think

I have talked about a brain dump before where you put all your to-dos on a list before you go to bed. I like to put things like doing the laundry or a doctor’s appointment on a list like that before bed. But in the morning, I like to figure out what my day will actually look like. What smaller tasks will I accomplish? What last-minute things do I need to do? Or what could I improve in my life today to make me happy tomorrow? 

I loved my BionicGym time in the morning because instead of following an exercise video, I was letting BionicGym work me out. I didn’t need to focus on the movements of what is being said. Instead, I had a 30-minute chunk of time where I could focus on what I want to do for the day and somewhat meditate on my life. This time quickly became my schedule time. 

Instead of jumping out of bed and quickly brushing my teeth and running out the door, I woke up earlier and had the time to reflect and plan my day for success. And as a result, I was more successful. 

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More Productive

Waking up early just makes you more productive. Drill sergeants in the army will always say that the first thing their soldiers must do every day is make their bed. Why? Well, order of course is important. But it also gives their soldiers a small success early on in the day. If you have a small success early in the day then you are setting yourself up for a productive and fulfilling day. 

When I wake up early and exercise, I am more productive throughout the day. I have my list to work off of, but I also can check exercising off my list. Exercising is hard and takes a lot of willpower, so to check something so big off your list so early can really set you up for a positive, successful day. 

Believe In Myself

When you’ve tried every weight loss program out there as I have with little to no success, then it can be easy to start thinking that you’re the exception to the rule. The great thing about BionicGym is that it’s fairly simple. You burn calories and you see results. This is similar to any workout program, but BionicGym is different because it is more convenient. It fits so seamlessly into your lifestyle that it is hard to find an excuse not to do it. 

So I of course felt amazing when I finally saw results because of my commitment to work out. And when I saw the results I felt like I could accomplish anything!

Fewer Cravings

You might think that exercising would make you more hungry, and that might be right in a way, but hungrier for different foods. I find when I don’t exercise, that I am chasing that burst of energy that I get when I eat something sugary. Some fast energy. But that fast energy is gone fast and leaves me with nothing in the tank except more cravings. 

When I exercise, I find that I want more healthy foods that are rich in protein. I will grab a breakfast burrito instead of a toaster pastry and I will feel full for much longer into the day. The protein sources fill you up and burn slowly throughout the day. You won’t be riding that sugar-high roller coaster and you will be more satisfied. 

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More Confidence

I cannot tell you how much confidence I have gained since starting BionicGym. While I may not weigh the exact same as I did in high school, I feel way more confident than I did back then. I couldn’t believe it when I could go down a pants size and what’s more, that it fit me better than the bigger pants did. It felt amazing to have pants that fit snugly to me instead of trying to hug the inches of fat that were on my hips. 

Everything fits better than it used to and I feel so good. I am not constantly adjusting my top to hide muffin tops or my gut. I’m not constantly posing “just so” in pictures so that my arms don’t look flabby. I can bend over without worrying about my crack showing. Everything feels like it should and I don’t jiggle endlessly when I move around. I can jump on a trampoline with the nieces and nephews, run to the mailbox, and do the latest TikTok dance challenge without obsessing over how it looked to other people. 

Obviously, I believe that you should be comfortable no matter how you look. But it sure does help when you know that you are at the ideal weight for your frame. 

Freedom To Forget

I know that all of this might sound a bit vain. But let me be clear, I am not the type of person who is always on the lookout for a reflective surface to look in. The best part about feeling physically fit and having your clothes fit well is that you can just forget about your appearance. Of course, I’ll get ready for the day, but after that, I don’t need to look in the mirror at all and I can confidently go throughout my day knowing that I look just fine. 

Fitting Rooms

It’s not like everything magically fits when you lose weight. Of course, there are the sizes that I hve to stay in to look good, but I don’t have to worry too much about overhang. Sure, I might not be a size zero, but I can find a size that fits me without endless rolls showing through my shirt. Instead of leaving a store depressed because nothing seemed to look right, I can always find at least something that will work and that I can feel good about myself. 

The whole shopping experience has changed for me and I can look forward to a day out to get a new pair of pants. 

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More Energy

Before BionicGym, I felt sluggish all the time. It was hard to get to the gym for a variety of reasons and so I often just didn’t go. And I got used to just sitting every day without raising my heart rate at all. When you go through days and weeks like this, you just feel like you’re in a slump. 

I would eat a regular meal and immediately wonder what I was going to have for dessert. I felt tired all the time and always wanted to reward myself with a little energy boost from a treat, but of course, it never gave me the energy I needed. It just left me craving more. It was like I was self-medicating with dessert. Instead of getting endorphins from working out, I was getting a sugar rush reward that added pounds to my waistline and left me feeling empty and depressed afterward. 

Why So Energetic?

You might wonder how BionicGym could give me more energy since working out takes energy. I think that there are a couple of reasons for this: 


When you work out, you lose weight and when you lose weight you are lighter. When you are lighter it doesn’t take so much effort to move around. Even just losing a couple of pounds can make a huge difference to your joints and your back. 

If you go to the park with your kids and want to cry every time you have to get up from the park bench, then you probably want to feel lighter. Losing those extra pounds will help you to be able to start activities without feeling so much stress. 


Another reason why there is a little bit more of a boost in my step is that exercising gives you endorphins. If you’ve never heard of endorphins before, according to the Cleveland Clinic, they are “Endorphins are chemicals (hormones) your body releases when it feels pain or stress. They’re released during pleasurable activities such as exercise, massage, eating and sex too. Endorphins help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being.” 

So, in short, these hormones help you to feel pleasure. If you work out, your body produces endorphins, so while it might help you to recover from the pain that is associated with working out, it will also reduce stress and make you feel happier overall. 


While losing weight and producing endorphins are all helpful to feeling more energetic, there is nothing that makes you feel more energetic than having hope. When you start improving your life and seeing results you will naturally feel more hopeful and excited about making even more healthy changes. This hope is the motivation that gets you to get out of bed in the morning and make positive choices throughout the day. And this hope will make you feel a lot lighter overall. 

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When it comes down to it, my life before and after BionicGym are drastically different. Maybe my life before was pretty good, but my life after is infinitely better. It might not be things you can see on a scale. It might not be measuring my girth, but I can definitely feel a difference when I consistently work out with BionicGym. I feel happier, lighter, more hopeful, and just more productive overall. My mental and physical health has benefited from my motivation to make my life better.