Still Going to the Gym to Work Out? You’re Missing This Secret and Easy Weight Loss Method

Still Going to the Gym to Work Out? You’re Missing This Secret and Easy Weight Loss Method

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Before Using BionicGym

I have always struggled with being overweight. It always affected my self-esteem and I never liked how I felt in my own skin. When I’d go with my friends to the beach I’d never go in the water. I have done Yo-Yo dieting and working out for years.

When I found the BionicGym I knew this was the solution for me since it would work me out rather than having to drive and go workout. It took years for it to come to the USA but after using it for only a few months I lost 40lbs and have kept it off!

It was the first time in my life that I lost weight and kept it off with ease. That’s why I knew I had to make a review about the BionicGym so that everyone who’s been where I’ve been would know it’s not fake.

I was a member of Anytime Fitness for many many years. I liked Anytime Fitness a lot because it was very simple, always open and there weren’t a ton of people there just trying to show off their muscles. I went to the gym 2 to 3 times a week for years I never got the results I wanted.

I felt like I was eating healthy with low carbs, low fat and so on but never reached the level I wanted. I always wanted to work out harder but it’s extremely hard to have that motivation all the time. The BionicGym seemed like the perfect way to fix that since I just had to wear it at home.

Stephanie Working Out
Running Outside Before BionicGym

I didn’t necessarily want to have a 6 pack or super strong arms, I just wanted to feel thin. I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. I work from home and sit all day long which was one of the difficulties because I wasn’t active throughout the day. ‘

That’s why I’d go to the gym to get myself active. During the summer I like to run outside on jogging trails near my neighborhood. Running, going to the gym, eating well never seemed to do the trick for some reason. It helped but didn’t get me all the way there. I used to be 185lbs and got down to 160lbs. 25lbs of weight loss is amazing and I felt much better. But I felt stuck at 160lbs.

Finding the BionicGym

I love seeing new gadgets and things that come out and so I like places like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. While browsing around on IndieGoGo one day I came across the BionicGym. At first, I thought it was just one of those Ab Belts that makes your abs flex. 

I had tried a couple of those in the past and know firsthand that no matter what they say in the commercial they absolutely do not work at all. They did not help me lose weight or give me stronger abs. When I first saw the BionicGym, I thought it would be the same.

IndieGoGo BionicGym

But what I noticed that was different was that it didn’t use an electrical charge to cause the muscles to contract. It used a frequency that’s sent into the muscle to cause it to shiver. It reminded me of when I went camping with my family as a kid.

When it was really cold my dad would always tell me that shivering was the body’s way of working itself out to get warm again. That made me think, if it’s causing the muscle to shiver then it must be using its own energy to make the muscle do that. If the muscle is doing the work and not some electrical charge, then it must actually burn calories. That’s when I was intrigued and knew I had to look more into the BionicGym and other reviews.

The sad part was that there were basically no other reviews yet because it hadn’t been released yet. Once I finally got my BionicGym wraps there were a few reviews up that helped. They weren’t very detailed though which is why I wanted to make my own review.

Getting the BionicGym

BionicGym ArrivedAs I watched all of Dr. Louis Crowe’s videos on the BionicGym and it made a lot sense. The BionicGym leg wraps hold electrode gel pads against the skin which sends a signal to the muscle to shiver. This was very different from the ab belts because those would send a small electrical charge.

The BionicGym is using a frequency that makes the muscle use itself to contract and shiver. Nothing is giving external energy for the muscle to contract. The muscle has to use its own energy to contract which means it’s burning calories.

After going through all the info on IndieGoGo I ordered it right away. They said it was still a long way from being shipped but I didn’t think it would be nearly 3 years! I knew it would eventually come and that I would just keep working on myself until then by going to the gym and I could possibly lose the weight and keep it off before the BionicGym got to me. Then after that, I could use the BionicGym to keep me from regaining weight.

BionicGym Wrap SizesThere are two sizes of leg wraps. There is Small to Large and then Large to Extra Large. It is recommended that for anyone 5ft 8in and shorter to go with the Small to Large option. For anyone 5ft 9in or taller should go with the Large to Extra Large size. I got the Small to Large size because I am 5ft 1in.

There is a built-in sizing chart on the inside of the leg wraps as well for when it comes time to put them on. I was 160lbs when I first started using the BionicGym and found that the Medium label on the inside was just about right for me. I weighed 185lbs when I first started going to the gym.

Over the years I lost 25lbs and was 160lbs when I started using the BionicGym. After about 3 months I was down to 130lbs. And after continuing to use it I am now down to 120lbs!

Using the BionicGym

After waiting years and still having never reached my goal I was extremely excited to see the update emails saying the BionicGym was finally shipping. When it finally BionicGym Electrode Gel Padsarrived, I was literally dancing in my living room. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I opened the box and put it on right away. I bought extra gel pads because I would eventually need more since they don’t last forever.

I briefly read through the paperwork and began putting the gel pads on. The gel pads go on the skin first and then the wrap goes over them and will adhere to the wraps once taken off. The black side of the pads goes on the skin.

The first time I put the gel pads on I accidentally put the gel pads too close to my inner thigh. When I turned it on it made my inner thigh muscles start to workout and that was a really weird feeling. That lasted about 3 seconds before I turned it off and readjusted them. The gel pads peel off the leg wrap fairly easily.

After reading more carefully I realized that I needed to put the pads down the midline of my thigh. The top gel pad went right underneath my underwear line and the bottom gel pad was about 2 inches above my knees.

Once I got it readjusted and put the wrap back on and I turned it on low. The BionicGym logo was directly over my knee cap. It didn’t feel weird like it did on my inner thighs, but it still felt a little strange to have my thighs twitching. After about a minute I decided to step it up a bit.

Within just a couple of minutes I was breathing heavy and was starting to feel warm. I couldn’t believe I was already warming up and my heart rate was up so much! When I used to use the ab belts, they never increased BionicGym Kitmy heart rate at all which is one reason why I never felt they were giving me a real workout.

The BionicGym got my heart rate up very quickly. According to the other reviews of people online they experienced the same thing.

I only used it for about 5 minutes before I turned it off because I wasn’t wearing my workout clothes and was already starting to break a little bit of a sweat.

I went and changed into my workout clothes and put the wraps back on. I went to use it again and it wasn’t working like it did before. I realized that my workout shorts had gotten stuck between my legs and the gel pads when I put the wrap back on. I recommend putting the wrap on before putting shorts on, so this doesn’t happen.

The gel pads last about 20 to 30 uses depending on how much sweat gets on them. For me I find they last me 3 to 4 weeks and I use them about once per day five days a week. It’s important to make sure they do not have any creases or wrinkles in them because that will create a break in the electrode pattern and will cause it to not work properly. The gel pads have to be perfectly flat on the skin.

BionicGym Control UnitThe control unit is the remote looking thing that makes the whole BionicGym system work. The wraps go around the thighs and then the control unit is placed into a pocket that’s on the inner right thigh. There’s a small plug at the bottom of the pocket that attaches to the control unit magnetically.

Once it’s connected to the plug you have to connect a short cable from the control unit to the left thigh. This cable is what makes the left thigh workout just like the right thigh. There a couple of small Velcro straps that can be used to tidy up the cable but I hardly ever use them.

I haven’t drained my control unit battery to empty yet. I charge it after every single use since it’s very easy to attach it to the charger. I just keep it in my office since that’s where I work out with my BionicGym.

Long Term Results

Stephanie BionicGym Old Pants Weight Lost
After Using BionicGym

With any kind of workout, I knew that repetition was the key. Working out once or twice will not make a difference.

I once heard a quote that I really liked, “Your body isn’t Amazon Prime. It takes more than two days to get what you want.” – Anonymous.

I knew I needed to use the BionicGym for a few weeks before expecting to see some real results. This is why I ordered the extra gel pads because I knew I’d go through them and would need more.

Since I work at home for my job, I was excited to use the BionicGym while at my desk. I learned very quickly that I needed to put down at least two towels over my office chair to keep it from getting all sweaty. I ordered these special towels that are extra absorbent to keep my office chair from smelling like a sweaty gym.

After I first started using it, I told my friends about it and they asked why I would pay that much money for another workout device. What I figured is that I had my gym membership for about 5 years, and I paid about $40 a month. $40 x 60 months = $2,400! I had paid tons of money and didn’t have the results I wanted. I was willing to pay for the BionicGym since it was the best chance at achieving my goals.

Then I would be able to cancel my membership and I would actually be saving tons of money and would end up with the body I wanted. It was a no-brainer to me because there’s no monthly cost to use the BionicGym besides getting more gel pads and those are very cheap.

Stephanie BionicGym Weight Loss Old Pants
After Using BionicGym

The Bluetooth receiver in the control unit can sometimes lose signal if I cross my legs. I often like to sit with one foot under me when I’m at my office. I find that when I’m wearing the BionicGym I need to keep both my legs flat in order to have the best reception. I either have my feet flat on the floor or I put them on a footrest that I keep under my desk.

Normally when I would go to the gym, I would do about 20 to 25 minutes of cardio. I would either run, bike or do the elliptical machine. Then I would lift weights, do lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and so on. When I first started going to the gym, I weighed 185lbs. By the time the BionicGym got to me I weighed 160lbs.

After using the BionicGym for about 3 months I was down to 130lbs! After continuing to use it for longer I eventually shed off the last 10lbs and reached my goal weight of 120lbs. I’m pretty short at only 5ft. 1in. tall so I was very happy with 120lbs and finally felt happy in my own skin.

I finally was excited to go with my friends to the beach and get in the water. I felt good about walking around and felt more confident in talking with people, especially guys. I had never felt that good in my entire life!

I did continue to watch what I ate as always. I made sure to eat fruit and veggies daily. I still focused on eating low carb and low fat. The hardest part was actually keeping high protein in my diet. I knew my body would need more protein since I was using the BionicGym on a daily basis. When I was going to the gym it was only 2 or 3 times a week. I found eating things like turkey and chicken helped a lot with keeping my protein high while keeping my carbs and fats lower.

BionicGym in Living RoomFor me, that was the perfect combination. Low carbs, low fat, high protein, and the BionicGym for about 1 hour every day for 5 days a week. I wasn’t a die-hard dieter or anything. I didn’t adhere to any strict diet I was just conscious of what I was eating.

I use the BionicGym for 1 hour while I’m working every day for 5 days a week. I do this while I’m working at home. After my 1 hour with the BionicGym, I take a break and that’s when I hang up the BionicGym, take a shower and get ready for the day, then finish my work.

I tried using the BionicGym one day when I was cleaning my house and that did not go well. Even on a low setting the BionicGym makes the thighs shiver or shake involuntarily. Walking around while using the BionicGym is not easy.

I figured by having it on low I could clean the house and get my workout it and that didn’t work. I don’t use my BionicGym on high when I’m working since, I’m using it for a whole hour. I have it on low to medium so I’m not dying at my desk in my office. Basically, if I need to get up and walk while I’m wearing the wraps, I just pause my workout.

This happens sometimes like when UPS comes and delivers my Amazon orders or something. I would never recommend driving or doing anything else while wearing the wraps.

Other Items to Consider

Samsung Active 2 WatchSince I was going to the gym for years, I had a Samsung Fitbit watch that I really liked. But I don’t use the Fitbit anymore because the heart rate monitor didn’t always work very well. I now use the Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch.

I found it to be more accurate about my heart rate and calories burned than the Fitbit. I thought about getting a real heart rate monitor but didn’t want to spend the extra money when my Active2 watch does a really good job.

Extra Absorbent TowelsSince the BionicGym is designed to be used while either sitting or lying down I highly recommend getting some extra absorbent towels. The first few times I used the BionicGym with just normal towels I was sweating through them pretty good.

Since it is recommended to be lying on a couch or sitting in a chair, I would get extra absorbent towels. It’s not nice when you walk inside the house from running errands and then smell yourself in the room because your sweat is stuck in the couch or a chair.

Ab Sweat BeltIt’s not a bad idea to put a large trash bag or something waterproof down below the towel as well to make sure no sweat gets into the cushions.

I don’t use the ab belt that flexes your abs, but I do use an ab sweat belt. It is just a simple piece of neoprene that has a piece of Velcro on it so it easily wraps around your belly. It doesn’t make you lose more weight off your belly necessarily.

What I use it for is to increase how much I sweat. Since working out is such a good way to remove toxins from the body I want to increase how much I sweat to help release toxins. Releasing toxins is a good way to help reduce fat too.

Will it Work for You?

I don’t know why the BionicGym wouldn’t work for anyone. I think the only exception that BionicGym can’t be used with anyone who’s over 350lbs. They said that anyone with that much weight will have a very difficult time getting the frequency to reach the muscles to cause them to work out.

So, if you’re over 350lbs it’s time to push yourself so that you can use the BionicGym and it can work you out. Seriously, that’s my favorite part of the entire system is that I don’t have to drive 15 minutes to the gym and make myself workout. I just strap the leg wraps on and go to work and workout while I’m getting my work done! I also don’t have to pay $40 a month anymore to Anytime Fitness.

Stephanie Weight Loss Progression

The other thing to consider if you’re not sure it will work for you is to talk with a doctor about it. I don’t know that I would necessarily explain exactly how it works and what the BionicGym is though.

Dr. Louis Crowe, the inventor of the BionicGym, was laughed at many times by doctors who didn’t understand how it worked. They all thought it was like the ab workout belts which don’t work. The proof is there, the BionicGym does in fact make your thighs workout which increases heart rate, burns calories, makes you sweat and everything else just like working out at the gym.

If it were me, I would simply ask my doctor at what level it is safe for me to get my heart rate up to while exercising. Then if he tells me 160bpm or whatever number then I would just make sure I don’t go over that until I’ve used the BionicGym for a few weeks and gotten my heart used to working out.

There’s no question it will work for anyone but it’s never a bad idea to consult with a doctor about it.

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There’s no reason to stay sad and uncomfortable in your own skin anymore. There’s never been an easier way to exercise. This is also perfect for people who have difficulty moving around or have been disabled in some way. Losing weight solved a ton of health concerns for me and I know it can help others do the same. There’s no driving to the gym, using a silly workout machine that doesn’t bring results or having to get a personal trainer.

I simply wrap the BionicGym on my legs, turn it on, workout while lying or sitting down, and that’s it. That’s my secret to how I lost 40lbs! You’ll be amazed at how much it works you out and how much weight comes off.

I absolutely love my BionicGym. It is the only thing that got me to my goal weight and has made it very easy for me to stay there. I am sold for life. It’s absolutely worth every single penny and then some.

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