Save Time and Effort Losing Weight with the BionicGym Pain Free Workout Wraps

Save Time and Effort Losing Weight with the BionicGym Pain Free Workout Wraps

BionicGym Couch MarathonYou have heard a little bit about the BionicGym and are wanting to know if the IndieGoGo success actually works or not? For me it has worked wonderfully. I suffered from being overweight the majority of my life.

That is why when I found the BionicGym on IndieGoGo I knew it was something that I had to try. At first, I thought it was a fake gadget like the flex ab belts which I had tried in the past. That is definitely not the case!

You can now save tons of money, time and lose weight effortlessly. See how by continuing to read.

Save Time

Time is one of the true assets that you have. It is common for people to drive up to about 20mins to get to their local gym. Then there’s the “warm up” period when you have to get mentally and physically ready to get a workout done before the real workout.

Working Out with BionicGym Saves TimeThen there’s the 20-minute drive back. It is normal to spend anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours in total time just to go to the gym.

With the BionicGym that is no longer the case. You simply take the BionicGym, put them around your thighs, connect it to the app and start working out.

Within minutes your heart rate is elevated, and you can adjust how much work you want to do. Having a heart rate monitor is very helpful with all of this.

You work out for the same 45 minutes to an hour like you would at the gym but you’re already home! Dr Louis Crowe did a 3-hour workout demonstration once and burned an average of 347 calories per hour.

That’s much more than what most can do at the gym or even doing home workouts.

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits is that it actually ends up saving money from having to go to the gym. Yes, the BionicGym is a little spendy up front but I spent more than 4x that amount just being a member of the local gym, having a trainer, paying for gas and so on.

That’s all not to mention how much your time is worth.

Getting Rid of Gym Membership Saves MoneyThe average gym membership is about $41 per month. Well, it’s actually much higher than that but $41 is really common. That means in one year the average gym user will spend about $492. Most people don’t calculate how much gas truly costs.

If gas is $2.50 a gallon and the average car gets 25 miles per gallon and the average person drives 10 miles to go to the gym and you go 3x a week. That means it would cost $0.10 a mile. 20 miles per visit to the gym 3x a week is 60 miles a week or rather $6 a week. $6 x 52 weeks = $312!

Not to mention that 20 miles a day, 3x a week for 52 weeks a year is 3,120 miles per year. That means an entire oil change is needed just to go to the gym.

With driving and gym fees that’s a total of $804 per year! And that’s before buying any smoothies at the smoothie bar or getting any protein bars. The point is that the Bionic Gym costs less than one year’s worth of gym membership.

Saving Money is Easy with BionicGymIt’s a one-time payment and the only recurring cost are the gel electrodes. If I take care of my gel electrodes, I can get them to last me about 50 to 60 uses or essentially 2 months. Bionic Gym says they last 30 days.

The electrodes are $20 for a set of 8. If you make them last 2 months, then it’s $10 a month to use the BionicGym. That’s 1/6 the cost of going to the gym. They easily last two months if you workout about 3x a week.

It’s even cheaper than buying a treadmill in many cases. You can’t beat that it works you out instead of you having to work out on the treadmill.

Weight Loss Just Became Easy

There is next to no effort required to lose weight with the BionicGym. You can do what I do and workout with it while I work on my computer. I work from home in my own office, so I just sit at my desk and have it on a low setting for a long time.

Weight Loss is Effortless with BionicGymYou can use it with high intensity to burn a ton of calories in a short period of time just like running. Or you can use it at jogging or even walking pace. The point is you do whatever workout you want.

If you want to be huffing and puffing like you’re running a marathon then you can do that and burn a ton of calories.

You can even lie down on the couch and watch TV and be losing weight. This is perfect the person who doesn’t want to take the time to go to the gym and do the big hassle of using the equipment there.

You can work out in the morning, afternoon, evening, night or whenever, it really doesn’t matter. You can workout twice a day. You can workout 3x a week. In the end it’s completely up to you.

The Bionic Gym is so easy to use.

How I Lost 40lbs with BionicGym

After looking into how it works and what it causes the muscles to do, I understood why it was such a good weight loss method. It basically makes the thighs, the largest muscle in the body, shiver.

I always remembered hearing that shivering was the body’s way of warming up when it was cold.

Shivering causes the body burns calories in order to create heat.

What I hated about the ab flex belts was that they gave an electrical charge which stimulated the muscle to flex. The problem is that those don’t actually cause any calories to be burned.

The most I weighed was 185lbs a few years ago. I eventually joined a local gym and was able to lose about 25lbs. That got me down to 160lbs.

That was with the help of a trainer, going to the gym about 3x a week and trying my best to eat properly.

I was extremely happy when I lost the 25lbs which took me about 3 months. I was happy that the weight was coming off but, in the end, I got stuck there. I kept going to the gym, kept working with my trainer, kept eating the best I could, and nothing changed for what seemed like forever.

It was very disheartening be stuck at 160lbs and not be able to take off any more weight.

Stephanie Weight Loss Progression

I found the BionicGym on IndieGoGo and thought it made perfect sense and ordered right away. I waited about 3 years to get it since they had to go through some big hoops with the FDA.

Once it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Over the next 3 months I lost another 30lbs! I was down to 130lbs and was feeling great. I kept using it and lost another 10lbs for a total of 40lbs lost.

It was amazing because I was still able to eat pretty healthy while still eating my favorite delicious foods and lose weight. I lost of total of 40lbs using the BionicGym and have been able to successfully keep the weight off!

I only wish I could’ve gotten my Bionic Gym sooner because I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten stuck at the 160lb mark when I was going to the Gym. I would’ve lost all the weight much easier.

I’m really grateful that I found it on IndieGoGo because I don’t know that I would’ve ever heard of it any other way. I check IndieGoGo from time to time because I like new gadgets and things.

You will be eternally grateful to yourself that you bought the BionicGym. Now is the time to become a better you. You know you don’t want to drive to the gym and do the workouts when you can be at home and have the BionicGym work you out. There’s literally nothing better.

Don’t wait for their sale to be over. Get it now while the best price is available and save time, money and effort in losing weight and keep it off!