What To Get Someone Who Likes Fitness

Are you the type of person who trills at the sound of Christmas carols the moment they blast on after Thanksgiving? Or are you the type of person who gets all panicky knowing that the season of gift-giving is upon us? It can be really hard to find the right gift for someone in your life, especially as you get older. As people get older their likes become a lot more specific and the random lip gloss you found at Target doesn’t always seem to excite them as it used to when you were in high school. But never fear! If you have someone in your life who loves to work out, then here is a list of gifts that are perfect for him or her. 

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I know you know that I wouldn’t have a post on here without mentioning how awesome BionicGym is for any type of fitness person. Are you busy? Is it hard to leave the house? Are you a beginner at fitness? Do you not want to have a lot of equipment laying around? Do you have chronic pain or an injury? Are you overweight? Do you want to have an exercise option that you don’t have to think for? 

If any of these describe you, which probably at least one of them does, then BionicGym is an amazing option for your fitness routine. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to work out but couldn’t make it to the gym at the right time or didn’t have time for a commute to the gym plus a workout. If you can work out in your own home, fitness is just more convenient and you are more likely to be consistent. 

This is a great gift to give to anyone because they likely have one of the hurdles of fitness mentioned above as well. They don’t have to sign a contract for a gym, you don’t have to buy a lot of equipment or membership for anything. 

Gel Pads

If your friend already has BionicGym, a very thoughtful gift would be to get the replacement gel pads. These need to be replaced about every 30 days, so you are essentially paying for their “membership” of sorts if you do this. These keep forever, so you can buy them in bulk and then your friend will have no fitness costs for as long as the supply keeps. 


Some workout classes and programs are very interesting and they take a lot of concentration. When you are doing a variety of different movements, and different repetitions every time, or following a trainer who is calling out moves, then you probably will want to give your full auditory attention to the class. 

however, if the person you are giving a gift to does a workout program like BionicGym, where you need little brainpower to fulfill the requirements of exercise, then a great listening program is a must. There are a lot of different audiobooks and podcasts out there, but probably the most extensive audiobook subscription is Audible. You can get old and new book releases and the library has nearly everything out there. 

So if the person you are buying for is not someone who enjoys doing work while they are doing BionicGym, then this is a great option to help them enjoy the workout more. 

Wireless Headphones

There are a lot of wireless headphones out there, but if you stop to do the research it is pretty clear from the get-go that Apple Airpods are the absolute best option on the market. 

Complaints About Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are very convenient but they do come with some pretty significant issues as well. That is all of them except Apple Airpods. Let me tell you some of the most common complaints about wireless headphones and how Airpods stick out from the crowd. 

Uncomfortable/ Fall Out Easily

One of the most common complaints about wireless headphones is how they feel. Many will fall out easily even if they have several different sizes of earbuds available. This is particularly annoying because you likely don’t realize that this is going to be a problem until you’ve already bought them. It is very unusual to be able to try on a pair in a store. 

People who are really into fitness love the Airpods because they rest very securely in the ear. I don’t know why they fit so much better than the other wireless headphone options out there, but it might have to do with the other options having a bit more bulk outside the ear. The Airpods stay securely in place even if you shake your head vigorously. 

Hard to Pair

Other wireless headphones can sometimes be difficult to pair as well. You usually have to get into your device and select the Bluetooth option to pair it to the device. With Airpods, all you have to do is put the headphones in and it automatically pairs to your device without you having to do anything extra. They also automatically stop whatever you are listening to when you pull them out. This is an invaluable feature especially if you are in an environment where you get interrupted constantly. Do you have kids that are talking to you every five minutes? Or do you have co-workers constantly checking in about things? Airpods make it so easy to seamlessly switch back and forth between the two. 

Get Lost

Another huge problem with wireless headphones is that they can get lost. They are very small, they don’t have a wire connecting both of them and they are pretty expensive. Losing them could be a huge expense. However, Airpods has a way to combat this problem. If you have a device that has the “Find My” app on it, then you can pair it with the headphones. Using this app, you will be able to locate the headphones on the GPS and then signal it to set off a beeping alarm that gets louder and louder until you find it. 

Sure, you might lose them from time to time, but you will be able to find them fairly quickly with these tools. 

Poor Sound Quality

You can get some wireless headphones for a pretty decent price, but you do get what you pay for. Many of these headphones don’t have great sound quality or they don’t have sound cancelation. 

Airpods have great sound capabilities, but better than that, they have excellent sound cancellation. With a combination of the two, you will be able to hear what you need to over the sound of lawnmowers, airplanes, traffic sounds, etc. 

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Water Bottle

There are a lot of options for great water bottles out there. One that is insanely popular right now is the Hydroflask water bottles. There are other good and similar options available as well. I have bought a lot of water bottles in the past few years and here are the features that I look for the most: 

  • Fits Cupholders: There is nothing more annoying than having a water bottle that you cannot fit upright in your car or in a typical stroller because it is too wide at the base. There are way too many water bottles that don’t take this into consideration.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Actually, what is more annoying is a water bottle that has to be hand washed. That gets old really quickly. 
  • Not Glass: You don’t have to have toddlers in your home to guarantee that your glass water bottle will break right after you buy it. Ask me; I’ve done it. 
  • Insulated: All water bottles work great for cold drinks, but do they keep them cold for a long amount of time? An insulated water bottle can keep your drink icy cold even when it is left in a hot car for a shopping run. And it’s even better if you can get a water bottle that does well with hot drinks too! You might not want to drink anything hot while working out, but a nice hot tea might be exactly what you want right before bed. 


Many people have heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” And this couldn’t be more true when it comes to weight loss. If you are exercising regularly, then at least you are doing something but you still won’t see a ton of results unless you clean up your eating habits a bit. 

One of the biggest challenges for me is to avoid a sugary breakfast. I talk about this a bit in my post, “3 Ways BionicGym Helped Me Lose Weight.” If I eat sugary cereal in the morning, you better bet that I’m going to have several pieces of chocolate throughout the day, some carb-heavy snacks, and dessert after dinner. It’s just how my body reacts to sugar early in the day, and I would assume that a lot of other people are the same. 

However, if I trade that out for a healthier choice like a juice, I still get that jolt of energy from the natural sugars without the lingering cravings afterward that refined sugar seems to give me. So a great gift idea for someone who loves fitness is a juicer! There are a lot of them out there, but I would make sure to choose a masticating juicer that keeps most of the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables in the juice without losing them from heat caused by friction. 

Ankle Weights

If your friend is already a BionicGym user, then ankle weights are a really great gift or stocking stuffer. Why would ankle weights be a useful tool for people who use BionicGym? I’m glad you asked! 

When you get to the point where you are able to do some more intense levels of BionicGym, you will notice that your legs shake uncontrollably. This is just because your muscles are being stimulated at a higher speed and intensity. It’s not typically a problem except if you are sitting at a desk trying to get some work done. If you stand it is a little easier to reduce the shaking, but while sitting, your legs are easier to manipulate. One way to combat this is to use ankle weights to weigh your legs down just a bit more and make it more difficult to shake. 

This is a very thoughtful gift that isn’t going to break the bank. 

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The great thing about trying to figure out what to get someone who likes fitness is that it’s fairly easy to find something useful that you don’t have to be an expert in fitness to understand. You don’t have to get the latest equipment, but if you do a little bit of research on things that someone would appreciate who was into working out, there is a whole slew of things that your friend will surely love.