Workout Anytime, Anywhere, with Ease Using BionicGym

Have you ever thought that you should really go to the gym and work out, but it’s the middle of the summer and it’s just too hot outside to get into your car and drive there? Or it’s the middle of winter and the streets seem a bit icy. Or you are just too busy to spend the time driving there and working out; there are just too many things you need to get done for work or around your home? We’ve all been there. We all make huge excuses about why we don’t want to go to the gym. This is why so many people are on the same roller coaster that I used to be on with their weight. 

They go to the gym religiously for a week or two, lose some pounds, and then life gets crazy! Well, with BionicGym, the excuses go out the window. Working out with an electric muscle stimulator could literally not be any easier. So let me tell you about how convenient BionicGym is and how it remedies all the problems you might have with going to the gym or doing an at-home workout. 

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Problems With the Gym

I already mentioned a big problem with the gym. You just don’t want to go! It is inconvenient because it is not in your home. And believe me, it doesn’t matter where your gym is located in relation to your home, stepping out of your front door to exercise will always be a bother. I can tell you from personal experience. I have lived in complexes with gyms, so it was literally just an elevator ride away. But that didn’t make it any more convenient to use than when I had a gym membership that was a 15-minute drive from my home. I didn’t go any more often than I did then. 

So what makes the Gym such an inconvenience, if it’s not the distance? Here are a few of my ideas about why we hate the gym so much: 

We Hate Exercise

There’s no getting around it, exercise is tough when you first start doing it. I had heard stories when I first started working out that eventually, you start to love it. I didn’t believe that for the longest time. It always seemed like it was so hard and the whole process seemed awkward. I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt like a fraud when I would go to the gym–acting like I knew what I was doing, but I was just kind of winging it. 

We Hate The Parade

Maybe this isn’t an issue with everyone, but when did going to the gym turn into going to the mall? Everyone has a full face of make-up on. Everyone is perfectly tanned and smelling amazing. Everyone has their perfect matching leggings and crop top. Personally, I just want to work out in something that I can move in and sometimes that means my old ratty tie-dye shirt. But no matter how much I tell myself that I’m going to work out, not to find a mate, I walk in and immediately feel self-conscious. I’d go for the equipment, but I couldn’t avoid all the people. 

It’s Never A Good Time

Normal operating hours aren’t always the hours that work best for me. Sometimes I wake up extra early in the morning because I can’t sleep but the gym isn’t open yet. And sometimes I want to start working out at 10 at night right when they’re getting ready to close. When you work a full-time job and you want to stay healthy, it can be really hard to make time for the gym, especially when you have to consider showering, etc afterward. You can’t just go to the gym and then leave immediately to go to work from there. At least, it’s more difficult to do that. 

Problems With At-Home Workouts

You Can Cheat

One of the nice things about going to the gym, or at least to a class at the gym, is that there are other people working out around you. Having other people around you makes you work out harder, faster, and better. Unfortunately, you don’t have the advantage of the crowd to motivate you to work harder when you are working out at home. 

When you are home, you can pause the video to answer the phone or switch the song. You can stop your workout regime and come back to it after you grab your crying baby. But do you ever really finish a workout or operate at your full potential? Rarely!

Limited Options

There are only so many things you can do from home. Do you have a workout video that you love? Well, try doing it every day for a month and see if you still love it. Do you like to move between machines? Sorry, that’s way too expensive and you don’t have the room in your tiny apartment for all the equipment. 

When you work out at home with a typical video, it can be difficult to keep things varied. 

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How BionicGym is The Remedy

We LOVE Exercise

Guess what? I am consistently using BionicGym and I can honestly say that I love it. At first, of course, it was exciting because it was new, but there’s none of that sitting there and wondering if you are doing it right. Is my form right? Am I lifting the right weights? Am I using the machine the right way? BionicGym is so simple, and you never wonder if you are doing it wrong. 

All you have to do is put the gel pads in the right position, make a selection, and let the machine do the work for you. You don’t have to think about how you are moving or if you look like an idiot. And the work starts feeling easier and easier. When it gets easier, you start to love it because you can see what it is doing for you. 

The Parade Is Cancelled

So are you like me and you hate the fashion show at the gym? Well hey, the parade is canceled! You don’t ever have to wear cute clothes when you are going to the gym anymore! In fact, you don’t have to wear ANY clothes when you’re working out anymore! Though if you have other family members at home, they might not appreciate it. 

One thing to remember when you are working with BionicGym is that the gel pads need to be as high on your thigh as possible. The higher they go, the more effective the pulses are on your muscles. So you actually cannot use those leggings you might have always worn to work out in before. Instead, you will need to switch them out for some loose-fitting shorts that you can glide the electrode pads under. 

It’s Always A Good Time

Is it hard to find time to go to the gym? Does your schedule not always sync up with the hours of operation of the gym? Or do you just hate to make the commute back and forth? Maybe you have kids at home and you have to wait for a partner or a babysitter to get there before you can leave. 

There are lots of reasons why going to the gym is inconvenient, but most of those issues are blown away by the BionicGym. You don’t want to drive? You’ll never have to. Do you need to stay home because your kids are sleeping? No problem! It is always a good time to use BionicGym, and it’s especially convenient if you work from home. 

You Won’t Want To Cheat

It can be hard to stay motivated when you are working out to a video at home. The temptation to just go at half speed is so great. You might feel like if you do the video, even at a lower intensity than it was meant to be performed at, you still did a great job. 

One of the most motivating things about BionicGym is how easy it is to track your progress. You can use your app to operate the BionicGym and use your fitness tracker to keep an eye on your heart rate. This way, you can easily keep your heart in the perfect target range for either burning fat or cardio. You can’t cheat because your fitness tracker will always be honest with you about how you are performing. You also cannot cheat because BionicGym will be doing the work for you. Of course, if you find that it is too intense for you, then you can always ease off, but working out with a fitness tracker will help you gauge where you’re at. 

Lots of Options

Have you ever gotten tired of doing the same routine every day? Well, the boredom that comes with a monotonous routine is not a problem with BionicGym! You might wonder at this since you’re not even moving around. Wouldn’t that get boring after a while? Not really, and here’s why. 

  1. BionicGym can be catered to you completely. You can track the progress easily to reach milestones, which will keep you motivated. You can do different kinds of workouts. You can change it up however you like depending on the day. 
  2. The biggest reason why BionicGym never gets boring is because it never has to be interesting. It is not a workout regimen that requires your full attention at any time. You can literally sit on your bum and do a Lord of the Rings Marathon and do the equivalent of running a marathon at the same time. It’s hard work, but you are meant to be able to do it while being distracted. 

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Ultimately, this is without a doubt the most convenient workout plan out there. You can be productive at work and work out. You can relax your brain while watching tv and work out at the same time. You can talk on the phone, listen to a podcast, even make dinner while working out. It fits into your day seamlessly because you can do it while doing your normal everyday activities. We live in such a sedentary world now, it should be easy for anyone to find a free hour where they can sit or stand and work out at the same time.